Final Comment

Many people today deny the idea of progress, deny that we have progressed or can progress, and see the world as in a terrible state, beset by problems and negative trends. But sitting in all these sessions, I was struck by the thought that almost nothing that was spoken in this entire conference could have been uttered in public a few hundred years ago. To be a humanist in the past was very lonely if not virtually impossible.
I am an optimist. I believe in progress. And I believe that a few hundred years from now, Mankind will look back upon the history of religion with a laugh and say, “What were those people thinking?”


One Response to “Final Comment”

  1. Steuart Bowling Says:

    Well, Frank! You knew I’d be the first one in on this topic! :o)

    I got long winded again in the previous thread, so I promise to keep this short.

    I actually agree that religion is going to be looked at in the distant future as a good example of the blind teaching people to see. But I refuse to agree it will be due to a universal rejection of God or a rejection of the continuance of the soul beyond mortal death. I think it will be quite the reverse–people will seek the existence of God and the soul as self-evident and religion as superfluous. Individual soul development will supplant the use of dogma and ceremony to reach a connection with God. God and the soul do not need religion to exist.

    Don’t make the mistake of connecting the decline of religion with a decline in spiritual belief. Many people are turned away by the structure and politics of the organizations called religions, but the spiritual need to find God remains as strong as ever. Once the soul is free to seek God without the fear and false belief imposed by infallible scripture, it will find Him. It will also see the errors of the old ways of seeking Him. That’s when people will laugh and say “What were we thinking?”

    FSR COMMENT: I agree with Steuart that organized religion is worse than a spiritual belief without organized religion.

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