Zimbabwe’s dictator Mugabe now says only God can remove him from power.
I put it to believers in God: well??
I’ve tried to find some adjectives to characterize Mugabe, but none was up to the task.
I would like to say that if there’s any justice, Mugabe should be burned alive. I would like to say it, but it would be wrong.

3 Responses to “Mugabe”

  1. B. Peterson Says:

    C’mon, burn Mugabe alive? All he did was watch US TV and impersonate big city gang behavior. He repossed land that was colonized by friendly Europeans who cared deeply about the natives, vandalized and mismanaged it so as to decrease food production by about 80%, and then let much of it go to waste. Who could criticize such a man?

    I think he should be nominated for the TIME magazine man-of-the-year for 2008.

    God must support him, because he is still in power.

    Malawi is sinking also. Maybe he could send his army over there and SAVE Malawi too.

    FSR COMMENT: I assume this is tongue-in-cheek. But perhaps it doesn’t reflect the extent of the true horrors.
    I think the press coverage of Zimbabwe ought to reflect greater linguistic precision. Instead of saying “police” they should say, “so-called police” or “gang enforcers;” instead of “courts,” they should say “so-called courts,” or “repression lackeys;” instead of “authorities” they should say “so-called authorities,” or “the gang.” Etc. Because Mugabe’s so-called regime is nothing but a criminal gang, operating according to the worst and most brutal criminal ethic.
    At least Mugabe’s “war veterans” are indeed often called “so-called war veterans.” Inasmuch as most of them were born after the end of the “war” in question.

  2. B. Peterson Says:

    In a year or two I don’t think that “Zimbabwe” will exist. It will instead be a cemetary of unburied bodies that has no immediate value to foreigners..

  3. Drona K Says:

    Mugabe is an uglier and more vile replacement for the ugly and vile Ian Smith (the white supremecist Prime Minister of the then Rhodesia). These traditions are hard to break!

    It seems that many African states followed the vile examples of the barbaric European thugs who preceded them. It is a shame that free African nations followed the European example of ruling Africa with a small elite benefitting while the majority suffers – instead of holding the European example as one NOT to follow.

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