… And another thing

In the same 7/31 USA Today is a letter to the Editor:
“Commentary writer Marisa Trevino asked ‘Do we really want to waste the talent of these ambitious students?’ The question is irrelevant because the students she was referring to are illegal immigrants in the United States and should be deported. Besides, since when does talent make a country’s immigration laws invalid . . . ?”
Some of our minds have been truly warped by this immigrant issue, fixated on a horror of the idea of people coming into this country — so fixated on throwing people out of the country that we become blind to what these people can contribute to our country, and are in fact contributing. These people are here to do hard work that is by and large underpaid. If anything, it’s US exploiting THEM, not them taking advantage of us. Many of them even pay Social Security taxes, on which they will never collect benefits. Certainly, all in all, they add to our GDP, which makes every American richer, and strengthens our country. But — never mind all that. They’re illegal. Throw ’em out. Including those students mentioned by the letter writer. America doesn’t need more brainpower, thank you very much, we have quite enough.
I’d rather give citizenship to a bright, ambitious go-getting illegal immigrant, who had the spunk to brave the dangers and even risk his life to get here to work — and throw out some writers of letters to the editor instead.

One Response to “… And another thing”

  1. Drona K Says:

    I often wonder how much an apple or head of lettuce would cost if we had to pay legal immigrants (I doubt we could get citizens to do this work so let’s not even discuss this) to do the job?

    We often forget that our early forefathers were illegal immigrants to a land that belonged to someone else. The strong, bright, and persistent made this nation great. The present consumer society that considers education for geeks and will rarely get higher education and only wants to play Nintendo will not continue this tradition. It is up to the brilliant fugitives, outcastes, or those just seeking opportunity in America to continue this tradition.

    “We’re all very different people. We’re not Watusi, we’re not … our forefathers were thrown out of every decent country in the world–‘), …” – John Winger (Bill Murray’s character in STRIPES, 1981)

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