Election Day

At last. 

It breaks my heart that McCain will not be elected. But, in a way, it would also break my heart if Obama does not win. There are so many millions whose idealism has been fired by Obama, who are so deeply invested in his candidacy, and for reasons which are reasonable. I can appreciate this, even if I do not agree with it. 

    The real tragedy, to me, was the failure of the Republican party to nominate McCain in 2000. One of the great mistakes of history — like Arafat’s refusal to take yes for an answer in the 2000 negotiations; and Paul Bremer’s blithely disbanding the Iraqi Army. The third one seems to be getting repaired, at huge cost. The other two probably never will. I doubt that I will live to see another Republican President. Well, that’s democracy. Not that I’m much of a Republican anymore, anyway. There really is no political home for classical John Stuart Mill liberals like me.

    But America is a great country, all the same.

One Response to “Election Day”

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