Int’l Rescue Committee’s Darfur Petition

The so-called government of Sudan — actually, a gang of murderous thugs using religion as a cover for their dirty doings — has now banned international aid organizations from operating in the Darfur region. One of those excellent organizations, the International Rescue Committee, has organized a petition to the UN Secretary-General concerning this further despicable action by these sons of bitches. I don’t know how much good it does, but the IRC deems it urgent, because a lot of lives hang by a thread in Darfur. So please go their website and sign the petition:

2 Responses to “Int’l Rescue Committee’s Darfur Petition”

  1. Catherine Says:

    This is such a worthy posting–these people must feel so abandoned by the world.

    FR Comment: Americans tend to focus on our own problems. Right now we do have economic problems. But not even the most disadvantaged American faces anything remotely like conditions in places like Darfur, or Zimbabwe. I think of those foreign sufferers as my neighbors, just as much as those down the street.

  2. William Says:

    Fuck them christian and muslims. The USA are christians so why can’t the people in Darfur defend there selves. Don’t say they can’t because anything is possible. The USA came a long way to get what they have today. So them fucking africans don’t be a bum.

    FSR comment: I note that William’s e-mail address is

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