Jury Duty: Aaron Dare Mortgage Fraud

A departure from my usual blogging: I was recently an alternate juror on a major criminal trial, involving mortgage fraud. Because of the length of what I’ve written, I have decided to post it as a separate document: CLICK HERE.

It’s QUITE a story. (And my perspective is somewhat different from what you might infer from the newspaper.)

2 Responses to “Jury Duty: Aaron Dare Mortgage Fraud”

  1. Dare's Victim Says:

    before you reach a conclusion, you may want to read the full coverage and public debate of this story, including your blog posting, here http://www.forcv.com/articles/post/2010/05/13/Ana-Monteio-Senetenced-to-Prison-Says-DA-David-Soares.aspx

    FSR RESPONSE: Thank you. If you were a victim, you have my sincere sympathy. My information comes not from “the full coverage and public debate” but, rather, from attending the trial for its full duration, paying close attention and taking notes, in fulfillment of my responsibilities as an alternate juror. As a former administrative law judge, I believe I was well equipped to evaluate the evidence presented. You were victimized by Aaron Dare. I believe Ana Monteiro’s fate is unjust.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Montiero was NO victim. She knew from day one what Aaron did and how he made his money. They were both long time friends of mine and my husband, as well as business associates. Lives were destroyed…indeed. Mine and my husbands with every lie told and every dollar stolen all in the name of friendship.
    The prosecution may not have done a good job in preparation…but TRUST me, she enjoyed every minute and dollar of that lavish lifestyle. She went from rags to riches….and had no intention of ever stopping.

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