Swift and true justice

You are sent from Russia to spy on America. Your “cover” is to build a totally normal American life, complete with kids–over decades. Does there not come a point where you really are American? When you look in the mirror and no longer see a Russian spy? Didn’t any of these people ever wake up in the middle of the night with the realization that America is better than Russia?

Some readers will blanch and roll their eyes at that. Some Americans indeed believe they inhabit a very wicked country (or at least that such comparative judgments violate a taboo). So perhaps it’s not completely incomprehensible that those spies could live as Americans for many years and still harbor antipathy toward the US and loyalty to the murderous gangster regime of Russia.

Justice both swift and true is a rarity in this imperfect world. But, it seemed to me, if these poor fools believed Russia is such a wonderful country, worthy of such loyalty, then the fitting punishment is to let them live there. And that, within days, is exactly what they got. (Pity about their kids, though.)

Speaking of justice, you may recall the Megrahi case – the Libyan airplane bomber set free on “compassionate” grounds because he was supposed to be near death from cancer. I considered Megrahi’s release by Scottish authorities a betrayal of justice (see my 8/23 blog post), even assuming he was in fact dying. UPDATE: Almost a year later, Megrahi is apparently doing just fine (click here).

Maybe a miracle? Well, that Man in the Sky does have a dark sense of humor. But we non-omniscient humans are actually capable of doing better.

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