Pornography and “Our Sick Society”

The latest issue of The Humanist magazine examines the issue of pornography. One of the articles mentions a 1985 humanist panel discussion where, despite deep divisions, “all were in agreement . . . that porn both perpetuated and reflected a culture of filth and malaise, that it was ultimately a symptom of a sick society.”

Such laments that society has gone to the dogs have been with us since, well, society began. But it’s a gross error to romanticize prior epochs as a halcyon time of higher morality. Human suffering and injustice were far more widespread, and more tolerated. As to sexuality specifically, past humans had the same biological impulses and pecadillos as we do; what they lacked was our outlets for them. That didn’t make them more moral; merely less happy. What some decry as a modern sinkhole of depravity is just the fact that we have less suppression of our natural sexual feelings, and greater freedom and openness to express and gratify them.

Just look at the situation of homosexuals, for example. Where they suffered virtual torture in the past, today’s culture allows them to be open, honest, and fulfilled. We have finally gained the maturity to understand that how gays get their sexual satisfaction is nobody’s concern but their own. And the same applies to people getting sexual satisfaction via pornography.

All this freedom does not reflect “malaise” or a “sick society.” It’s societal health.

The same issue of the magazine also discusses the family “honor” code in many Muslim societies, decreeing that a father must kill his daughter if there is any suspicion about her “purity”, or for refusing to submit to his tyranny.  A case was mentioned wherein the “honor” code  even required letting a four year old rape victim bleed to death.

Now that’s what I call a sick society.

6 Responses to “Pornography and “Our Sick Society””

  1. Lee Says:

    Three cheers for marriage equality and for sexual freedom for consenting adults!

  2. bruce ryan Says:

    libertarian drift is a good thing. why is it as the public drifts that way the government drifts the other?

  3. Gregory Kipp Says:

    Life is a question of balance. Too much suppression by the moral majority of natural human instinct causes a “bubble” reaction when those instincts have no legitimate way to express themselves. I would bet my next paycheck if everyone could get real sex any time they wanted and be satisfied, most pornography would disappear. Since that’s not possible, people will always look for other outlets for their passions.

  4. Julian Says:

    The past was more moral, in the sense that although they might have had inclinations towards depravity, they believed it was wrong. That makes a huge difference. It was something to fight against, not to indulge.

  5. Julian Says:

    The Muslim case you mention is no symptom of a sick society either, human nature has acted it all kinds of worse cases in the past. That is a complete illogical statement if comparing to the past. Let human depravity prevail in all its forms, the strongest survive, Darwinian style.

  6. Sam Says:

    The only sickness at this moment is this sick article. As always the college trash find ways of justifying and rationalizing this era over sickness and perversion. The madness demonstrated by these people. Acts like a disease. It is this same mentally ill rational that has corrupted the minds of women and children. The same level of sick rational was offered by the Nazis too who referred to their acts of oppression as ‘proper’ and simply a part of the natural order of evolution. Indeed in this era do we see many academics spouting the same insanity. making sicker the health of the public and killing the world. Yes, people in the past were more moral. And they had a sense of honor and respect for community. Women were respectful of fathers. And there was an order to all things. With so much ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ as you and some of the posters on here call it. Surely we see how many happy people there are these days. Certainly families are thriving and men and women share much deeper relationships these days right? Your argument is a contradiction within itself. And only helps to reinforce my point. America and its culture of Lesbianism, greed, hate, anti male-anti family culture, female superiority and crime. Are like a disease on the earth. Killing it and all of the remaining cultures that have resisted its influence. However, despite all of this debate. The stage is now set for a conflict of gender and ideologies. Sadly more bloodshed is coming. As if humanity hasn’t suffered enough. Though society was bold enough to attempt to enslave men in this modern era. So sad the result of anytime when men are made slaves. And disenfranchised and degraded. The anger of young men can never be contained. There will be freedom. But not in the way that comes forced in a sea of laws and words. Men are not dogs.

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