American Humanist Association Conference Review

Sponsored by the Capital District Humanist Society, my wife and I attended the American Humanist Association’s 70th Anniversary Conference in Cambridge, MA, on April 8 & 9. (We had to miss the Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning sessions).

Below, in separate postings, I will review the conference events I attended. I will try to keep it interesting. (One topic addressed is TESTICLES.)

But first, an overview comment:

By no means did I agree with everything said at the conference. But it was inspirational, in many particulars, and, more importantly, in a global sense. It epitomized the kind of positive human interaction that I always find so uplifting – people acting constructively, engaging with each other in good fellowship and sincere intellectual exchange. To me this refutes the all too common pessimist take on human nature. And the very fact that a gathering like this could take place in public, with no mobs bearing pitchforks and torches, shows how much progress modern American society embodies.

This is what makes me an optimist – and a humanist in the literal sense – a lover of humanity.


One Response to “American Humanist Association Conference Review”

  1. Therese L. Broderick Says:

    From Frank’s wife Therese L. Broderick — I enjoyed the conference, too. If anyone wants to read my report (much briefer than Frank’s several summaries-by-blog-installments), let me know by email or by leaving a comment below on this blog. My email address is

    To be precise, the CDHS organization as a whole did not sponsor both of us to attend the conference. Instead, the CDHS Executive Council is reimbursing some of the conference expenses. The Capital District Humanist Society is an affiliate chapter of AHA, but not a membership chapter.

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