Steve Jobs

(Written on an iMac)

 I loved Steve Jobs. I’d loved him ever since I got my first Mac 25 years ago. It’s in my nature never to take anything in life for granted; and with every mouse click, I have been mindful that this marvelous technology, as ever, didn’t just happen. As with everything in our lives that separates us from the caves, some human being had to originate it. Some human hero. I venerate them all.

If Steve Jobs had never done another thing after inventing the computer that everyday people could use, he would already have been a monumental contributor to human betterment. But, of course, he went on, in his all too short life, to repeat his triumph, again, and again, and again. I shed tears upon hearing he’d died.

My previous post (see below) was about greed, and the Wall Street protests. My wife queried how those protesters would feel about Steve Jobs – after all, one of the very rich against whom their protests are directed. But Steve Jobs epitomized the key thing that critics of “the system” never seem to get. They believe the world is a zero-sum game; every slice taken from the pie diminishes it; every dollar in the hands of the rich is torn from the hands of the rest. In the case of Steve Jobs it was altogether obvious that he made the pie bigger, and he gained wealth not at the expense of others, but by contributing to their betterment. But in this he was by no means unique. This is, indeed, what business, what commerce, what market economics is all about. You get profits by selling something buyers value more than what they pay. Their gain is your gain.

Not always, of course – of course – we live in an imperfect world. But it’s true far more than it’s not.

Indeed, it is because of this that we have risen to live as we do today – rather than in caves.

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