James Foley’s Head Was Not Chopped Off

foley20n-1-webAmerican journalist James Foley was beheaded by the “Islamic State.” You might picture his head on a block, neatly chopped off with an axe. It wasn’t. The killer grabbed Foley’s head in one hand and sawed it off with his other using a 6 to 8 inch knife.

The video has been taken down, so I (thankfully) couldn’t find it. But I found this picture. So you can imagine the bloody horror. My intent is not to creep you out; but we must understand the true monstrousness of a religious movement that inspires people to commit such acts.


3 Responses to “James Foley’s Head Was Not Chopped Off”

  1. Wolfgang Kurth Says:

    I found it on a foreign website. It looks to be about a 10″ knife, and you are correct, it was sawed off. They only showed a short bit of the blade moving through his neck and then cut to an image of him, chest down, on the ground with his severed head lying between his shoulder blades. I imagine it was not easy going through the spine and would have shown too much weakness on the part of the executioner so they omitted that part. Totally gruesome. I believe at 40 and unmarried, they may also have believed he was gay, a second great sin in Islam.
    Unfortunately I see no easy answer to stopping this religious insanity. I fear that it is only going to get worse my optimistic friend.

  2. sam Sedder Says:

    You know as I grew up- always learned
    do not believe what you read & only half of what you see
    You really think he lost his head ? _I don’t

  3. rationaloptimist Says:

    Sam – you think you are smarter than everybody else? I don’t. There are people who still believe Neil Armstrong’s moon walk was faked. And 9/11 was an inside job. Et cetera. This is strictly crackpot territory.

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