Engineering marvels

UnknownA modern 777 jetliner is an absolute marvel of engineering. Yet (unlike on smaller planes) the overhead bins are almost, but not quite, deep enough for standard carry-ons to go in wheels-first. And almost, but not quite, wide enough to fit three lengthwise. So you can only get two in a bin. A tiny modification to their design could have increased the bins’ capacity by 50%.

I used to have a fax machine which required fax paper rolls, which was fine; the rolls were cheap, lasted almost forever, and were a snap to change. Finally it broke and I had to replace it, and found that ones like that are no longer made. Now they’re all “plain paper” fax machines. 'Are you sure that hitting it with a baseball bat will work?'Which sounds great – except that they require these ridiculously bulky cartridges containing rolls of what looks like carbon paper in them, that are quite costly, don’t last very long, and are a royal pain-in-the-butt to change, if you can even manage to figure out how to do it correctly. Moreover, after laying in a supply of these godawful cartridges, I thought to get hold of a back-up fax machine that appeared to take the same ones, only to find that in fact, the cartridge for the second machine is actually a tiny bit different and not interchangeable.

Technological progress – you gotta love it. God bless our engineering geniuses.


3 Responses to “Engineering marvels”

  1. Douglas T. Hawes (@DouglasTHawes) Says:

    Bitch, bitch, bitch! Made me smile anyway. doug

  2. rationaloptimist Says:

    Truth is, I am awestruck by technology. Absolutely awestruck that we can make planes that FLY! Yet if we can achieve that, it seems downright bizarre that Boeing couldn’t figure out that rejiggering the bins just a tiny bit would add so much capacity.

  3. Dan Says:

    Don’t get me started on the crap imposed on the consumer by the producers of electronic devices, especially Ink Jet Printers. Talk about a rip-off! You can buy a printer from a box store for around $20, but the ink costs $35-45
    Also never believe the screen when it tells you that you are out of ink! There is more!!!

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