Ebola: God’s Punishment for Homosexuality?

Unknown-1Recently the Liberian Council of Churches met, with over 100 participants, to discuss Ebola. They unanimously resolved “That God is angry with Liberia, and that Ebola is a plague. Liberians have to pray and seek God’s forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism [sic], etc.) that continue to penetrate our society.”

The “God is angry” trope, punishing nations with otherwise seemingly natural phenomena, is very common. UnknownPat Robertson similarly declared that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment of America for abortion, and Haiti’s earthquake for Satanism. But homosexuality is the “sin” of choice for such pronouncements. Is God really as obsessed with such matters as the preachers are?

It’s silly in so many ways it might seem gratuitous to enumerate them. But I will. How can any earthlings (let alone Pat Robertson) presume to read God’s mind? Who’s to say that a natural disaster isn’t, well, natural? If God so hates gays, why make so many of them?* Why are these punishments for “sins” so poorly targeted (like crushing just New Orleans), rarely singling out the individual “sinners?” (AIDS might be the lone exception.) In fact, it isn’t homosexuality or abortion per se that’s supposedly being punished but, rather, the country’s toleration of them. America today might be “guilty” of tolerating gays. But Liberia? I don’t think so.

And is homosexuality – or, rather, merely tolerating it – such a great sin that it incurs God’s special wrath? I mean, come on. images-1Even if you really really hate homosexuality, surely there are worse crimes. Would God punish Liberians over gay sex – but not over Charles Taylor‘s horrors? And you didn’t see him punishing Germany for Nazism. (True, some cities were incinerated, but that wasn’t God’s doing, it was allied bombing.)

Anyway, why punish nations with hurricanes or diseases when God still wields the ultimate stick: eternal damnation? People who really piss him off burn in Hell forever. You’d think that would fill the bill. What’s the point of gilding the lily with plagues or bad weather?

Enough. Obviously, all the babble about Godly punishment reveals more about the babblers than about God. So blinded are those babblers by their obsessions with their favorite “sins,” they can’t see the looniness of their pronouncements. If there were a God he’d be, like, LOL.

Or maybe he’d afflict them with plagues. Now that would truly be divine punishment.images

* Yes, they are made that way, and (except perhaps for certain lesbians) it’s not a choice. Homophobes might say that even so, the behavior is a choice. But what heterosexual would accept a need to abstain from heterosexual behavior? The only moral objection to gay sex is the Bible’s condemnation. The Bible also warmly endorses slavery.


3 Responses to “Ebola: God’s Punishment for Homosexuality?”

  1. Wolfgang Kurth Says:

    Ha ha! Thanks Frank. I knew this would be a good one. Very entertaining over morning coffee. I especially liked the gay dinosaurs. I remember when we had a gaggle of geese and we kept trying to figure out which ones were male by which kept climbing on the others. Then we finally figured out they were ALL females – just acting out the other part due to a lack of other mates!
    Hello world, wake up!

  2. Joel Says:

    Hi Frank,

    I agree with your premise, but I would like to argue one point.

    I’m a little surprised that you would bring up “Born That Way” as justification homosexuality.

    Just as homosexuality is an inborn trait, so is religion. The religious urge is hard-wired into our brains because it gave our species a tremendous evolutionary advantage in our past. Both religion and homosexuality are completely natural behaviors for humans.

    But, as you once said “Just because it’s natural doesn’t make it right”, (or something like that). It’s clear that some of the most heinous acts of man are the result of unchecked religious fervor. This is an example of a poor application of an inherent trait. It’s also clear (to me) that homosexuality does not pose a threat to civilization. However, to implicitly justify some types of human behavior simply because we are born that way doesn’t seem right.

    After all, Jerry Sandusky was “born that way”.

    I allow you the last word.

  3. rationaloptimist Says:

    Saying gays are born that way of course is not automatic justification for homosexuality; sociopaths may be born that way too. The point was merely to rebut the idea that homosexuality is a life-style choice. And of course I’m not equating gays with sociopaths. The former do no harm.

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