ISIS Beheadings: Murder, Not “Execution”

imagesMy dictionary defines “execution” as “putting to death in accordance with a legally imposed sentence.” The Islamic State’s beheadings are not “executions,” and that word should not be used in talking about them. The correct word is murder.


6 Responses to “ISIS Beheadings: Murder, Not “Execution””

  1. doughawes Says:

    Are you that familiar with the ISIS “legal’ system?????? I would agree that under our legal system those were murders and correctly should be called that. Doug H.

  2. kurt Says:

    One can call it execution or murder. The decedent is equally dead. “Legal” as used to justify the actions of a group or state no longer impresses me. The best evil ever has at times been committed “legally”. I don’t think that reserves any seats in heaven for anybody.
    I think the honest word that should be traded for either “executed” or “murdered” is KILLED.

  3. donodell Says:

    I agree with Frank, but have no argument with Kurt.

  4. Jeff Mackey Says:

    Reblogged this on Blog of Things:.

  5. Wolfgang Kurth Says:

    I agree with most of what was said except that I don’t think anything you do will get you a seat in a heaven or a hell. Your mind just dies, and unless you have done something society wants to remember (be it exceptionally good or nefarious) you will eventually disappear into obscurity.

  6. kurt Says:

    It is difficult to get to a place that only exists as an idea.

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