“I Want Frida Kahlo’s Face Tattooed on my Ass”

images-1We recently attended Albany’s Tulip/Pinkster-fest, with numerous vendor booths. The first modern one was held in 1972, reviving an old festival; I was actually one of its organizers, and I set up myself there, displaying my surrealist paintings. Untitled-1A gal painter had set up next to me, and we wound up going home together. Nice. However, our relationship didn’t get too far, as she was an ex-nun, and I, of course, was not.

Prominent at this year’s fest was soap – booth after booth featuring fancy soaps. Are we developing a Japanese-style cleanliness fetish? One might snigger at the consumerism that makes such a big thing of soap. But actually, though we take it for granted, soap was one of Mankind’s greatest inventions. You might have thought it would put the perfume industry out of business, but no, that still seems to flourish as well. Anyhow, I think it’s absolutely wonderful to be living in a society so affluent that fancy soaps can sustain so many enterprises. If folks enjoy soap, I don’t want some holier-than-thou anti-consumerist scolds telling them they’re wrong.

A snippet of conversation overheard while wending our way through the dense crowds: “I want Frida Kahlo’s face tattooed on my ass.”

images-2Now, I frankly don’t get all this tattooing. I happen to think it messes up the appearance of girls who would otherwise be quite attractive. And for that matter, I don’t get the Frida Kahlo thing either. OK, she was maybe an interesting artist, but was she, like, the female Picasso? I don’t think so. Seems she’s been raised to some kind of iconic pedestal because she was treated like dirt by her more famous artist boyfriend. This is feminism?

Anyhow, hearing “I want Frida Kahlo’s face tattooed on my ass” was the highlight of my Pinksterfest experience. You can’t make up gems like that.

Or maybe I mis-heard it.


4 Responses to ““I Want Frida Kahlo’s Face Tattooed on my Ass””

  1. DAN Says:


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  3. Scott Perlman Says:

    The fact that you overheard this comment at the art fair reminded me of a section in Time Out Chicago (when it was still a printed mag, now just electronic) titled Heard on the Street. It listed things their writers heard while on the streets of Chicago (at least I think Chicago). Check out their “Top 201 Heard on the Street” at http://www.timeout.com/chicago/things-to-do/top-201-heard-on-the-street-quips

    And for what it’s worth, I did Kahlo’s art. Would not want it tattooed anywhere as I share you same thoughts on the skin-art, but I do like her stuff.

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