Make America great again? Or degraded?

UnknownJohn Zogby, who’s very smart, suggests Rubio make Kasich his running mate now. It’s an intriguing gambit that could give Rubio a desperately needed boost. Or could be seen as a desperation move. But something needs to be done, and fast.

Meantime, Kasich has actually been running negative ads against Rubio. And nobody has run ads against Trump.

Unknown-1I’d been supposing that 33% primary pluralities would not give Trump a delegate majority, especially since the super-delegates (party officials and office-holders, 7% of the total) wouldn’t support him. But then I saw his South Carolina 33% gave him all that state’s delegates. So I researched the delegate apportionment rules.

Among Democrats it is largely proportional to primary votes; that’s why the 2008 Obama-Clinton battle was so prolonged. But the GOP powers-that-be wanted to avoid that, so they rigged the game to favor an early front-runner, requiring largely winner-take-all primaries. Never imagining the beneficiary would be a candidate like Trump.

What a disastrous blunder. A bunch more 33% wins in next week’s “Super Tuesday” will make Trump’s nomination virtually unstoppable.

He’ll be crushed by Hillary in November. But the nomination will disgrace not only my Republican party but the country I love. This is a quantum downward cultural shift. imagesOur population has always had a percentage of uncouth lowbrow loser assholes. That’s natural, and they have a right to exist and maybe even sympathy. Yet despite their existence our civic life has always been conducted on a somewhat higher plane of seriousness. Now it’s diving down to the lowest common denominator.

Let me be specific, once and for all.

“Political correctness” disallows saying certain things, out of intolerance toward differing views. It’s not political correctness Trump is offending against but, rather, common decency. Denigrating John McCain’s war heroism, and various women for their looks, etc., Mexicans as rapists, and mocking the disabled, is not “politically incorrect,” but simply offensive, stupid, and vile. images-1And of course he has a difficult relationship with truth, as in saying Muslim Americans celebrated 9/11 – not merely false, but incendiary.

His policy stances – if one can so dignify them – are an incoherent farrago. Can a billionaire businessman really be so ignorant about fundamental economic realities? With no understanding of global trade? He proposes huge tax cuts in the face of rising future deficits that already threaten fiscal ruin; his promises of unspecified but likewise massive spending cuts are empty nonsense.

But none of that is intended seriously anyway, he’s not appealing to policy wonks. Central to his campaign are the plans for a border wall, deporting millions of undocumented residents, banning Muslims from America, and forcing Muslim citizens to register. Crazy, sickeningly ugly, and divisive.

Unknown-2My GOP used to be a principled party of sensible policies aimed at a better world for everyone, including limited government, fiscal responsibility, a free competitive economy, and free trade. A Trump-led Republican party would instead be a nasty racialist vehicle of xenophobia, resentment, and bile. A party of people voting with their middle fingers.

images-2Yet few Republicans say they won’t support Trump if nominated, instead being ready to fall into line (and over the cliff). I am heartsick at this national degradation.

Make America great again? It’s dragging America into the gutter.

4 Responses to “Make America great again? Or degraded?”

  1. copperfox3c Says:

    Trump isn’t really a great candidate, but neither is Hillary. I wouldn’t be so sure she will beat him, a lot of people don’t trust her.

    The wildcard of course will be if Michael Bloomberg throws his hat in the race, a moderate centrist who appeals to both moderate Republicans and Democrats, as well as pragmatic Libertarians like myself. I’m also certain he will if there’s a Trump-Sanders matchup. Not as certain if it’s Trump-Hillary, but maybe.

  2. bruce Says:

    Trump says what his audience wants to hear, not any different than any other politician. Like any other politician he will be unable to accomplish anything he has been trumpeting.
    I’ve decided America is going in a direction that is not one I would chose. I’m sure it will work out, The environment I grew up in is chapter in a history book. The bogey men of my beliefs have dissolved. Its just hard accepting the loss of what has worked relatively well.
    It is unfortunate that we have gone so far down the road of living on credit. I blame both parties for that, but realistically they are only enablers. Comes down to human nature, we need, we want, we’d like.
    excuse the ramble,
    In a nutshell, guess I’m saying the only difference between any of those running is the group of citizens annoyed by the winner.

  3. Lee Says:

    I like for discussions on proportional delegates vs. winner-take-all, what would have to happen for Trump to lose, etc. It is a bit nerdy but quite informative.

  4. Bumba Says:

    Right. It’s galling that it’s precisely Trump’s crudeness and racism that they like. That’ve been told by Republican mainstream that government is an enemy. The GOP is getting what it created. Still, I didn’t think that there were that many A holes!

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