Islamically correct rape

UnknownHow often we’re told morality comes from religion.

The Islamic State trumpets a pure, strict Muslim faith. Which, they say, prohibits sex with a pregnant woman. Very fastidious.

However, buying and selling women as sex slaves, and raping them — that’s Islamically okay. So long as you’re sure they’re not pregnant.

Unknown-1So ISIS guys buying captured women to rape, The New York Times reports, force them to swallow birth control pills. That too is Islamically okay. As is forcing abortions, likewise so the women can be cleared for rape.

Isn’t religion great?

Well, I’ve never raped anyone, but I have had sex with a pregnant woman, so I guess I’m a heathen.

3 Responses to “Islamically correct rape”

  1. DAN Says:


  2. Lee Says:

    That is not Islam any more than Timothy McVeigh is Christianity or Stalin is atheism.

  3. Jordanian Citizen Says:

    @Lee: You say so, but what ISIS does is exactly what I was taught in school for 12 years about Islam here in Jordan. Even government officials admitted this, but it will take forever to change a word in the curriculum because the “moderate majority” that distances itself from ISIS would freak out the very moment anyone attempts to do that.

    I don’t see a difference between majority and extremest Muslims except those “moderates” that are cast infidel by both.

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