Hillary’s convention speech – draft


From: FSR

Re: Tonight’s speech

You didn’t use my last speech draft – but I’ll bet you now wish you had. So here’s what I think you should say tonight:

imagesMy fellow Democrats – my fellow Americans –

First, a salute to my honorable opponent, Bernie Sanders, and all his supporters whose great enthusiasm has been inspirational, and good for our democracy.

OK, enough of that.

Now, I want to tell you what this speech will not be about. I could go on and on about all sorts of programs, day care, pre-K, health care, family leave, minimum wage, trade, college debt, tax credits for this and that . . . Those kinds of policy things are important, and in the campaign to come, we’ll be talking about them. But tonight I want to talk about the bigger picture – the country we love, where it stands, and where it’s going.

images-1However, the Republicans, at their convention, spent a lot of time talking about me, saying some pretty horrible things. Well, let me tell you something. I am an imperfect person. I am human. Like most people, I have made mistakes. I try to learn from them and do better. But at least I never created a phony so-called “university” whose real aim was to cheat people out of their hard-earned savings. At least I never abused the bankruptcy laws over and over to cause financial ruin for investors who believed in me. I never refused, over and over, to pay contractors and others who worked for me, causing them too financial ruin. I never insisted I saw people in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. I never expressed admiration for bad guys like Putin and Saddam Hussein.

How can anyone with self-respect even consider voting for such a creep?

OK, enough of that.

Now, the horrible things Mr. Trump says about me — I can take it. But what I cannot take is the horrible things he’s said about the country I love so dearly. And that’s what this campaign is about – not about me, not about Mr. Trump, but about this wonderful nation and its future.

He made it sound like the country is in terrible shape, going to the dogs, falling to pieces, and if we don’t make him president, we’ll have nothing left. He actually said this.

Well, look. We do have problems. We do have challenges. Heaven knows that’s true. Some of the things the Republicans talked about – a few, at least – really are problems. We do need to make some changes, and do better. Business as usual cannot continue. That’s why I’m running for president.

UnknownBut telling us America is totally on the skids is just ridiculous. And here’s why: it’s why America is indeed such a wonderful nation. Because it’s a nation full of wonderful people: optimistic, positive-thinking people, people with can-do spirit, brimming with energy and ideas. A nation of good people, generous people. Who have always risen to our challenges, always met them, and always made the nation even better than ever.

And we are better than ever. Is everything better today? Of course not. Life never works that way. But more things are better than are worse. Crime and violence, for example, are way down. Our standard of living today is the highest that human beings have ever experienced anywhere on Earth. Nobody on Earth has more freedom than we do – freedom to do what we like, live how we like, say what we like. Today’s America is the most open society the world has ever known. In all these ways we continue to make progress.

With such a great nation of wonderful people, must we really elect a slimeball like Donald Trump in order to tackle our problems? His speech was an insult to America, and an insult to intelligence.

It placed great emphasis on violence and terrorism. Nobody should be blasé about those things. But ask yourself: when was the last time you personally actually experienced violence, by a stranger? Is that the biggest problem confronting you in your life? I don’t think so. Yes, radical Islamist terrorism is a problem we have to deal with, forcefully and comprehensively. But for God’s sake, get a grip. This is not our biggest problem and not something we can’t handle.

Unknown-1We’ve handled a lot worse. In 1814, Washington was occupied by enemy troops who burned down the White House! We had a civil war in which 600,000 Americans were killed! And a Great Depression where a quarter of our people were unemployed! Not to mention a world war or two! And you know what? Not only did we get through all that, we came out an even better, greater nation than ever.

So now two nut-jobs in San Bernardino kill fourteen people, and Donald Trump says America is going down? Seriously? Compared to all the past things I mentioned?

America dealt with them. America will deal with radical Islamic terrorism. Calmly, rationally, but energetically.

That is the America I love so dearly, and the America of which I am so proud to be a citizen. Unknown-2Why do you think so many people, all over the world, are so powerfully motivated to get to this country? Surely if America were really the dark, doomed nation that Donald Trump portrayed, people would not be struggling so hard to get here. They know what a wonderful country this is – with a wonderful future. How sad if some Americans can’t see what they see.

They see an America that is great. I do too. Not an America that somehow needs to be made “great again.”

God bless America.

7 Responses to “Hillary’s convention speech – draft”

  1. Wolfgang Says:

    Gee, funny. I think all of those things were brought up last night by one or more of the speakers. Especially our prez. You must be psychic!

  2. rationaloptimist Says:

    . . . or I was also the speechwriter for Melania Trump.

  3. Bob Cutler Says:

    Great job, Frank. I noticed very few (only 3!) words that I would rather have seen omitted in the interest of our nation’s great diversity, freedom of religion, and opposition (I hope) to the Trumpeting of labels that are hurtful to good people. Those words are God, Heaven, and Islamic. Our citizens include many fine people of all backgrounds who are atheistic and agnostic regarding a deity or afterlife; and many fine Islamic people who dislike hints of automatic ties of their beliefs to radicalism or terrorism. May our next president, whoever she may be, act on behalf of all of our fine people and their deeply-held beliefs. But again, you did a wonderful job on the draft speech. Thank you for your belief in and declaration in favor of our nation. (P.S. I agree with you in having major problems with both major party candidates.)

  4. rationaloptimist Says:

    I am an atheist. Of course I use words like “God” or “Heaven” as figures of speech. “Radical Islamic terrorism” in no way implies that all Muslims are bad. (And of course I am writing for Hillary, not myself.)

  5. Dennis Says:

    This is the kind of speech HC should give…I guess I can dream…glad you (she) mentioned terrorism…the NY Post said today that when Leon Panetta spoke last night (OK, I missed it) he touched on the issue and was grandly “booed”. Hm-m-m.

  6. Bumba Says:

    Good speech, yet I feel confident that Hillary will not plagiarize it. Yes, Panetta spoke plainly. Obama(s) too.

  7. DR Dirk Löer Says:

    Dear Americans,
    It’s not a question of Hillary or Trump, its a question of Pest or Epidemic. ( its a german Saying). For the last 2 thousand years there is a minority group playing with us whatever they want to do only for their own purpose and benefit. FED and etc. I think everybody knows this guys. So it doesn’t matter if its the jewish bitch Kissinger, Hillary or Trump. There is only one Problem. The shit goes on. Sorry for my bad english. I’m not an anglo-american native. Best regards Dirk, from good old germany.

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