Our HUUUGE new recycling bin

Who needs a hot tub?

Who needs a hot tub?

The City of Albany dropped off our new recycling bin. To quote a well-known local advertiser, it’s HUUUGE. I remarked that I could fit inside it. My wife said we both could. So we decided to make a picture.

This proved to be quite a tricky engineering challenge. A standard selfie didn’t cut it. And while getting into the bin was relatively easy, we needed an exit strategy.

I considered putting the old bin into the new one, for recycling, but then decided to keep using it, for smaller loads. However, when I tried that, the trash collectors took it away.

3 Responses to “Our HUUUGE new recycling bin”

  1. lauramacky Says:

    It IS huge!

  2. Axel Kornfuehrer Says:

    Great photo, Frank!

  3. Lee Says:

    Making Albany great again!

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