La commedia è finita

"Believe me . . . this much."

“Believe me . . . this much.”

He said, “These words don’t reflect who I am.”

Oh yes they do, you creep. They reflect perfectly who you are. Some of us saw it long ago.

And let’s be clear. It wasn’t just lewd words. It was bragging about criminal sexual assault.

How can any self-respecting person continue to support this disgusting monster? Even before, otherwise intelligent people tied themselves in knots trying to rationalize a vote for him, waving away all his numerous grotesqueries: the lying, the frauds, the rip-offs, the financial chicanery, the ignorance, the egotism, the vulgarity, the encouragement of violence and divisive bigotry. One kept wondering what it might take to finally open their eyes. It turns out not even criminal sexual assault is enough. A quick poll reports three-quarters of Republicans saying the party should still stick by him.

I’ve been a Republican for 52 years. The party used to stand for something. Now it’s nothing but naked tribalism.

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5 Responses to “La commedia è finita”


    No, it is not naked tribalism. It is balancing two evils against each other and deciding to stay with the safest one. The wise people who support him know, beyond all doubt, that the policies of this country are shaped by the invisible players behind the stage, not by the principal actor.

  2. rationaloptimist Says:

    “Wise people” do not put faith in a con man.

  3. bruce Says:

    The only difference between Trump and any other Male politician is a matter of camouflage. Kennedy brothers, Clinton, Congressman, business men, college professors. Anyone in a position of power. To assume dignity because you haven’t heard them speak in private is chillingly brave.

    Con man and politician, is there a difference?

    But I have no stock in Trump, only a fear of something worse.

  4. rationaloptimist Says:

    A man who has committed criminal sexual assault should not be president.

  5. Lee Says:

    With Clinton, Johnson, and Stein, I see reasons to believe that they will strive for the goals in their respective party platforms (excepting a few unachievables thrown in to excite their respective bases). I do not see that with Trump, so he is off the table regardless of what I think of the Republican platform. Among the three remaining platforms, my personal preference is for the Democratic platform, though I respect those who have chosen either Johnson or Stein.

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