What this election is about: America’s soul

This election is not about issues or policies. It’s about character – America’s character.

unknownTrump’s America would be a different country from the one I’ve known and loved. It will have lost its way; lost the great thread of high ideals that made it a shining city on a hill. No longer a country of openness, optimism, and goodwill, but a mean, closed, fearful one. Not the land of the brave, of can-do spirit, but blaming others for its problems.

images-1A country not of love but hate, spreading a virus that used to slink in the shadows: of white supremacy, xenophobia, conspiracy theories, and contempt for democratic values.

Not a country that stands up against a murderous foreign despot (Putin), but fawns on him and throws its allies to his mercies.

And one that doesn’t punish lying and cheating, but rewards them. Clinton is no angel — but her personal defects* beside Trump’s are as molehills to mountains. Only partisan tribalism blinds his supporters to this.

unknownHis lies are gigantic, pathological, constant. Lying about New Jerseyites celebrating 9/11. Lying about his discussion with Mexico’s president. Lying about his past lies, like asinine “birtherism.” Lying about the sexual assaults he’s bragged about. And lying about why he wouldn’t reveal his tax returns. Only a fool would trust this psychopath about anything.

His fortune was built on rip-offs and pillage, shirking debts, leaving a scorched earth of financial ruin, embodied in thousands of lawsuits. His bankruptcies have victims – everyone whose bills were not paid, or investments wiped out. He never pays anyone what he owes. He’s on trial for fraud and racketeering regarding the Trump University scam. He’s even skimmed money contributed to his campaign!

He has incited violence, encouraging followers to punch people, promising to pay their legal bills. He has threatened to jail his opponent, emulating the worst dictators. He undermines democracy with baseless claims that the election is rigged, and refusing to accept the results.

unknown-2America has been a noble nation. Everything about this man is ignoble. Everything.

I am a lifelong Republican. But how can anyone with self-respect, civic responsibility, and a grain of moral common sense, vote for Donald “Grab them by the pussy” Trump? Where is Republican talk about “family values” now? As leading author Thomas Friedman wrote, he “is a disgusting human being. His children should be ashamed of him.” And that was before the sexual assault revelations. What would it say about America’s soul if this vile creep wins?

unknown-1Could you still sing “God bless America” with a straight face? His invoking God’s name is blasphemous. God will not bless a nation that votes for such a monster.

* The latest e-mail stuff adds nothing to what we already knew. But I have endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Voting for the candidate best representing one’s views is not a “wasted” vote. This is not a game where the objective is to guess the winner.


8 Responses to “What this election is about: America’s soul”

  1. Wolfgang Says:

    Yes, but statistics say that if enough people for a third party candidate (who, in this case has no real chance of winning) when the race is so close, could allow the candidate you least want to have in the oval office to win.

  2. Wolfgang Says:

    That is, “if enough people vote for…”

  3. Lee Says:

    I find it strange that the fact that Clinton has been investigated more-or-less constantly since she hit the public spotlight is considered a deficit of hers. The fact that time and again she is not charged shows that the constant investigations is a deficit that should be attributed to the investigators. I find it strange that Trump can brag that he aggressively avoids taxes, but detractors consider it a negative that Clinton gets around obstacles that impede her goals.

    I also find it strange that the insufficient recovery from the mortgage-security debacle is being blamed on Obama (and Clinton) rather than the stop-everything-at-all-costs congress.

    I also find it strange that people consider the candidates to have different positions on Obamacare. They think it needs reworking. The only difference that I see is that Trump wants to change the name too.

  4. frankzollo Says:

    “God will not bless a nation that votes for such a monster.”

    Who is this “God” fellow of whom you speak?

  5. Frank S. Robinson Says:

    “God” is metaphorical.

  6. Paul Landsberg Says:

    oh no! Frank, shower quickly. I agree!! (grin)

    I work at a huge corporation. By all metrics my colleagues are educated, focused, passionate. And yet I hear the most inane, bizarre and irrational discussions in the lunch room. It is almost as if they live in a completely different reality.

    Trump absolutely needs to be repudiated and humiliated at the polls. I don’t know if that will happen.

  7. jmrussell Says:

    Totally agree with you as I generally do. I cast my early ballot vote for Johnson, and will certainly get condemnation from friends who feel that it might help Trump win. I’m really tired of that argument.

  8. Mark V Says:

    In states where the result is a foregone conclusion, a third party vote has no downside risk. For pivotal states that could tip the electoral vote totals, an increase in seriousness might be in order. Even a choice between Franco and Hitler, or Lenin and Stalin, might offer some gradient of difference.

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