A Final Word – Snow White versus Voldemort

The Economist magazine is ideologically far from Clinton and the Democrats, yet endorsed her. Their editorial is well worth reading, because it puts things in proper perspective. It recognizes Clinton’s faults, but also her strengths. Trump has none.

unknownA lifelong Republican and libertarian, I too am ideologically as far from Clinton as one could get. I have harshly criticized her character. images-1And I’m still voting for Johnson. But this hasn’t deranged my objectivity – Clinton compared against Trump is like Snow White versus Voldemort.

Such objectivity seems nonexistent in Trumpland. Likewise truth and facts. The attacks on Clinton over the e-mails and other such issues are ludicrously overblown. The latest FBI letter was a disgraceful interference by that agency in the election – there is no “there” there, no actual new information, nothing added to what was already known. And none of it remotely compares with Trump’s well-documented turpitude hurting so many real people, like the victims of his Trump University fraud, his bankruptcies, refusal to pay bills, sexual assaults, and on and on.

unknown-1Wall Street has also given its verdict: falling for an almost unprecedented nine straight days over fear of Trump winning. Market investors understand what a disaster that would be for the economy. People voting for him out of economic anxiety are sadly deluded – his idiotic program if actually implemented (as The Economist explains) would hurt them most of all.

Since 1964, many elections have gone against my choice. Alternation of power is a strength of our democracy, making me love America all the more. But this time is different. I’ve never been so worried about an election and the nation’s future.

images-2My final plea to Trump voters, quoting Oliver Cromwell (1650):

“I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”


7 Responses to “A Final Word – Snow White versus Voldemort”

  1. Roger Green Says:

    I got inured to Trump lies until this one: http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a50383/done-with-trump/

  2. rationaloptimist Says:

    Thanks, Roger. And yet the last poll I saw showed Trump is considered the more honest and trustworthy candidate by a majority of voters.

  3. Colin Gullberg Says:

    If you’re really so worried about a Trump win why are you voting Johnson? Is it because you live in NY so you are certain that Clinton will win the state and thus you can effectively protest without real consequences?

  4. rationaloptimist Says:

    Johnson is my first choice, Clinton my second choice, Stein my third choice, Trump my last choice. It is not a protest vote. It is a vote of my principles.

  5. DAN FAREK Says:

    Snow White vs Voldemort? Cruella de Ville vs Voldemort maybe.

  6. Wolfgang Says:

    Well said, but I still think you are not helping the situation by voting for Johnson. : )

  7. bruce Says:

    there is no doubt this is a lousy choice election.
    If trump shoulds win I’d not lose too much sleep. No matter how his often wild comments might seem, thank heavens and the constitution he has a limiting governor constricting his more bizarre promises.
    That limitation and some of his more positive expressions leads me to think he isn’t the worse of the bunch.

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