Protesting Trump’s assault on American values

This morning I heard on the news that there’d be a protest vigil, at the Albany Airport, against Trump’s Muslim travel ban. I told my wife; we quickly found the details; it was starting at 10 AM. We decided to go.

img_20170129_114053I’m not normally an activist demonstrator. But in all my 53 years of political involvement and observation, never before have I experienced such a depth of feeling as my horror at Trump’s un-American actions. We both felt a responsibility to stand up against this.

I whipped up a sign saying, “Trump Disgraces America.” My wife’s said, “I see something, so I’m saying something.” She attached to it an actual copy of the constitution.

As we drove up to the Airport, there was a checkpoint, with a sheriff’s car, and deputy. Wow; never saw that before! I imagined hearing something like, “Only ticketed passengers allowed,” so I got ready to say, “This is still America, you can’t stop us from free speech in a public place!”

The officer pleasantly bade us good morning and asked why we’d come.

My wife pleasantly said, “We’re here for the vigil.”

And the officer pleasantly said, “Excellent. Go right this way to park.”

Well, they were getting a lot of extra parking revenue out of this.

I was surprised at the size of the crowd – which soon grew to several hundred, despite the short notice and ad hoc situation. Many of the signs were better than mine. One, for example, said, “U.S. Visa denied,” with a picture of Anne Frank. Some resembled the lawn sign I’d put up on November 10.

Some participants were mounting a bench to address the gathering. I decided to take a turn. Before I started, a woman shouted something about how even Republicans should oppose what Trump did. I said, in toto:

“I am a Republican – an enrolled Republican. My daughter, Elizabeth Robinson, is working, in Iraq, for a refugee relief agency. Yesterday she wrote this on her blog: Trump’s ‘America First’ actually ‘puts America last – last in humanity, last in compassion, last in lifting up the tired, the poor, the huddled masses – which is what made America first, in so many ways, to begin with.’”

Trump’s order bars not only all Muslim refugees, but even people with valid green cards; even people who’ve resided legally in the U.S. for years, who were travelling from designated countries. It’s insane and criminal. Courts have already ordered this stopped, but Trump, and much of our immigration gestapo, so far refuse to obey.

This is a nation of laws, with its independent judiciary a crucial bulwark against tyranny. If the regime can defy courts with impunity, then we are in really deep trouble.


5 Responses to “Protesting Trump’s assault on American values”

  1. Roger Green Says:


  2. Colin Gullberg Says:

    Good work! I believe only Republicans can stop Trump.

  3. david Says:

    Did you shout at Obama’s ban in 2011 or at Clinton’s in 1995 which included no welfare payouts to illegals…have you EVER protested the 16 countries that ban Israeli passport holders and have done for years?

    Jesus! Trump wants a temporary ban for 90 days while better validation systems are put in place. You won’t feel so revolutionary against him once Islam has you by the throat as it has in Sweden and other parts of Europe and where he infestation in the UK is leading to a majority Muslim rule by 2060…….the “kiss” of Islam is final, pal

  4. Lee Says:

    @david: would you say that several mass shootings by gun owners is ample evidence that gun owners should be subject to extreme vetting and that there should be a 90-day moratorium on gun sales while better validation systems are put in place? Would you say that the “kiss” of the Second Amendment is final?

    The vast majority of the people being turned away are war refugees. As in Anne Frank would have survived the war if our government hadn’t blocked immigration from her region out of fear. Not just Anne Frank, but MILLIONS more, were MURDERED because we were afraid. If a rare few of the immigrants happen to be gun owners (or whomever we are currently fearing), the benefit of immigration still strongly outweighs the downside.

  5. Lee Says:

    I keep hoping that McCain, Graham, and some others, maybe Cruz, will get tired of Trump and will form an Independent Republican Conference that collaborates with the Democrats to block the anti-Americanism. (For those outside of New York, … the New York State Senate has such a goings on, though with the parties reversed.)

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