Trump – Comey – Russia

“Russia” was the first thing I thought of when hearing that Trump had fired FBI Director Comey. (On the PBS Newshour, devoting its first half to the story, Russia wasn’t mentioned till the 28th minute.)

Trump didn’t like Comey’s refuting his lie that Obama wiretapped him. But the fake-news reason given for the firing is the supposed inappropriateness of Comey’s announcement last summer that Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted. Not that she should have been; it’s Comey’s explaining that was supposedly improper. Really?

This is especially bizarre considering it was Comey’s late October announcement, that the Clinton investigation was being reopened, that really did seem improper. It almost certainly changed the election outcome. Which notion Comey now says makes him “mildly nauseous.” Only mildly?

Piling on more bizarrity is Trump’s assertion, in his letter firing Comey, that Comey had told him he’s not under investigation. Which may well be untrue, but in any case should be irrelevant to Comey’s firing. But of course Trump is mentally ill.

However, the main point is that this is surely all about the FBI’s investigation of connections between the Trump campaign and Russia’s election meddling. That the meddling happened is incontrovertible (and an extremely serious matter). Putin hated Hillary and wanted Trump to win mainly because he (unlike Trump voters) understood how much a Trump presidency would damage America. But the real FBI question is whether Trump operatives criminally conspired with the Russians. Fear of that answer led Trump to fire Comey.

Trump claims to have acted to restore public confidence in the FBI. What utter bullshit. Now he can appoint a toady FBI Director who will stifle the Russia investigation. A great way to restore public confidence.

Arguably, in fact, this constitutes obstruction of justice, a criminal offense (and grounds for impeachment).

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5 Responses to “Trump – Comey – Russia”

  1. Roger Green Says:

    Rudy’s name is being kicked around for FBI. UGH!

  2. Axel Kornfuehrer Says:

    Thanks, Frank, for concisely summarizing the import of Trump’s actions. I am afraid we have arrived at the point where our choice is no longer Republicans vs Democrats, but support of democracy vs support of an authoritarian regime. Axel K.

  3. DAN FAREK Says:

    Bottom line! A President can fire an FBI Director anytime for any reason. Or no reason at all.

  4. Lee Says:

    Comey could be appointed the special prosecutor in charge of the Russia investigation.

  5. Paul Landsberg Says:

    What in nine hells was Trump thinking? If he is innocent as the driven snow, let the FBI chase fairy farts. Instead, Trump does the one thing that makes him look guiltier than anything — fire the Director of the FBI and then go on national TV saying he was thinking he could solve his Russia problem by doing this. Brain dead does not even begin to describe this behavior.

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