Truth, decency, responsibility, sanity — I am now a Democrat

On May 14 I renounced here my 53-year Republican affiliation. I said I couldn’t yet join the Democrats.

But now the other shoe has dropped. As I’m fond of saying, the perfect shouldn’t be the enemy of the good.

This is, again, a matter of culture trumping ideology. It’s not about policy. More importantly today, Democrats represent truth, decency, responsibility, and sanity.

How sad that that’s what it comes down to.

In New York, party enrollment is required to vote in primaries. The GOP is too far gone to the dark side for my primary vote there to be useful; while I am very concerned about the direction Democrats take in shaping the alternative. I want to have a vote on that.

Truth, decency, responsibility, sanity — that should be their theme. But many on the left have classically illiberal instincts. Despite their “diversity” talk, they’re intolerant of deviations from their party line. There’s a danger Democrats will indulge in ideological purity trials. The Economist sees signs of it already.

I hope Democrats can, just possibly, win the House of Representatives in 2018. That’s the only way Trump and his gang might be held to account. It seems Democrats are recruiting a lot of military vets to run, probably smart. And I do hope they will come up with a presidential candidate I can actually support. Someone like Kirsten Gillibrand (who says she won’t run), or Al Franken, Giant of the Senate. But getting to the right candidate will be like threading a needle — between hard left ideologues like Sanders or Elizabeth Warren and the corrupt blowhard bully Andrew Cuomo.

Republicans have vacated a vast territory in the political center, which Democrats should seize. America cries out not for a left-wing ideological alternative, but a centrist one — a party of truth, decency, responsibility, and sanity.


At least that’s what I think people should crave. But we don’t actually see it. I used to mock French politics, yet the new President Macron created a party of the radical center, which in parliamentary elections Sunday crushed the old right and left parties, gaining a big legislative majority of fresh newcomers to politics. Macron, indeed, seems to understand how the conventional right-left divide has been superseded by today’s true divide between open and closed mentalities.

But “It Can’t Happen Here.” America’s political system is far more impervious to such a revolution, its voters more entrenched in their ideological ghettoes. We may be condemned to lurch from one political extreme to the other based on the thinnest of electoral margins.

7 Responses to “Truth, decency, responsibility, sanity — I am now a Democrat”

  1. Alfredo DeLaFe Says:

    Both parties have gone to the most extreme of ideologies. With “progressives” it is an all or nothing socialist slant bent on emulating Venezuela as well as the most extreme position on abortion one could have just (legally) shy of infanticide. (Well, it could actually be argued that the termination of a late term, viable fetus IS infanticide, but I won’t quibble)

    We are witnesses to the beginning of the end. The radicalization of the American political system.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Still sad that you have had to leave a party you loved.

  3. Roger Green Says:

    I’ve long been ambivalent about WHETHER one needs to be registered in a party to vote in a primary in NYS. But since it’s required, I’ve ALWAYS been registered. As a Dem, as it turns out, and if you live in the city of Albany, the primary IS the election, 30+ years after Corning.

  4. DAN FAREK Says:

    Aw Frank!!! How can you support a Party the condones murdering babies? I well remember as my wife and I watched our daughter die. She looked at us and said “Am I dying?. “Yes Baby your are”. “i thought so”, and she was gone.
    I could never vote or support a Democrat!

  5. Didius Julianus Says:

    IMO, both parties are used to divide and conquer, both parties are absolutely corrupt and full of compromised politicians. Macron’s “new” party is the steal same old same old supporting the globalist agenda. Step back ,take the red pill and understand that what is going on was foretold a long time ago, Unfortunately, it is all coming together.

  6. Didius Julianus Says:

    “Macron’s “new” party is the steal same old same old supporting the globalist agenda.” should be “Macron’s “new” party is the still same old same old supporting the globalist agenda.”

  7. Greg Says:

    Your Rational Optimist credo is keeping you on the good path, Frank. Keep it up despite what those loopy Trump supports say.

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