Ever deeper into the heart of darkness

Now Trump and his creep team are setting it up to trash special counsel Mueller over “conflicts of interest” (the only arguably legal pretext for removal).

The pattern holds. All mud Trump throws eerily spotlights his own filth — “Crooked Hillary,” “Lying Ted,” “fake news,” Comey a “whack job.” When it’s Trump who’s the most crooked, biggest liar, worst fake news pusher. He fulminates about leakers when the most egregious leak in his administration was his own. And talk about whack jobs!*

What was really in those folders? (Fake news)

So now for Mueller it’s “conflicts of interest,” when Trump’s presidency itself is the biggest snakepit of conflicts of interest ever. That January press conference, pretending to resolve them, was another stinking Trump fraud. This grifter and his family nakedly exploit the presidency for personal financial gain, corrupting their stewardship of the nation’s affairs. Yet bogus “conflict of interest” charges against Mueller and his team will be trumped up (giving that old idiom a new twist).

Mueller is a man of great competence, honesty, and independence. Trump is not fit to lick his shoes.

Meantime we also learn that President Donald pussy-grabber, “University”-fraudster, lawsuit-king, multiple-bankruptcy, Obama-wiretapped-me, McCain-no-hero, so-called-judge, punch-those-protesters, only-I-can-fix-it, New-Jersey-Muslims-celebrated-9/11, I-know-more-than-the-generals, I-really-won-the-popular-vote, my-inauguration-crowd-the-biggest, tax-return-hiding, insult-tweeting, Comey-firing, dictator-hugging, classified-information-leaking, Putin-patsy Trump is thinking of pre-emptively pardoning his flunkies, including family members, for crimes he denies were committed. He may even pardon HIMSELF. Could he actually? Possibly. Not even Nixon dared it. Nor any of the thousands of state governors over the centuries who also may have had that theoretical power.

Well, Trump promised his presidency would be different. The one promise he’s kept.

*Just today: Trump calls Rep. Adam Schiff “sleazy.” I’ve been impressed by Schiff’s intelligence and conscientiousness. Who’s the sleaze?

2 Responses to “Ever deeper into the heart of darkness”

  1. Greg Says:

    An accurate analysis of the situation.

  2. Lee Says:

    The things that I like least about President Trump are not his personal faults but the things that he shares with too many Republicans. Enabling employment discrimination against LGBTQ individuals is only the most recent offense to humanity and common decency.

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