Las Vegas: It’s not about “guns”

After every mass shooting, the NRA says it’s not about guns. They’re right.

It’s about military style assault weapons.

The Supreme Court, in Heller v. DC, finally ruled that the Second Amendment’s “right to keep and bear arms” is an individual right. But no rights are ever absolute. Your free speech doesn’t allow libel. Your right to drive doesn’t include driving drunk. All rights are subject to reasonable laws to protect society, and people against harm by others (the basis for all law). Surely that applies — indeed, especially — to weapons. Does the “right to keep and bear arms” extend to howitzers? Nuclear weapons? I don’t think so.

And what about military style assault weapons? The kind used in Newtown, San Bernardino, Orlando, and now Las Vegas, to rapidly spray bullets and kill a lot of people very fast? These weapons have no legitimate sport shooting or hunting use, nor are they suited to protecting oneself against intruders. Their only function is to kill a lot of people fast.

Allowing anyone to buy such weapons is simply insane.

Stop talking about “guns” and “gun control.” It just raises the false concern that people’s guns will be taken away (which could never happen). Let’s talk instead just about military assault weapons. Maybe if gun evangelists would understand that their right to ordinary guns is not at issue, they’d see the reasonableness of banning private ownership of military assault rifles, howitzers, and nuclear weapons.


6 Responses to “Las Vegas: It’s not about “guns””

  1. Didius Julianus Says:

    listen to the gun shot recordings. A lot of it sounds like actual automatic fire, not the semi-automatic that are standard rifles of many types (not just assault rifles). Full auto weapons require extreme vetting, a special license from BATF, cost a lot to get and maintain. If those were full-auto then there is something else going on here.

  2. Didius Julianus Says:

    Yeah, just listened again, FULL AUTO, not semi-auto. So he was he was either extremely vetted by BATF and went through the massive red tape required to legally obtain those types of weapons or so meting else is going on.

  3. Lee Says:

    I think some people think they need automatic weapons to defend against “jackbooted government thugs” … and that the second amendment supports them. (Or is it that I am buying into liberal lies?)

  4. Axel Kornfuehrer Says:

    I find your comments right on target. But I fear you are overly optimistic to expect the “gun evangelists” ever to be reasonable.

  5. Greg Says:

    Got to youtube and search for “assault weapon bump stock” and you will see how a semi auto weapon is easily transfirmed to fully automatic. The weapon stock rests in a plastic (“bump”) device with a spring which uses some of the energy of the weapon recoil to shift the entire weapon forward again. As it rides forward and the user holds his finger in place the forward moving weapon causes the trigger to be activated again to fire another round. Apparently the ATF ruled to not outlaw these about 5-7 years ago when they first appeared because “the device does not physically modify the weapon”.

  6. Yet another mental case? Says:

    Flash forward to November 2018 and there is a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. The President tells us that the reasoning this time is that the shooter was a mental case. That’s the excuse each time the shooter is a white man. When the man is black or brown, the President instead blames the race or religion and calls for the likes of extreme vetting.

    If we are to believe the President, the conclusion is inescapable: white men are much more likely to be mental cases than others.

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