Albany Women’s March against Trump

I went to the local women’s march, at the state capitol. Didn’t relish standing in the cold for two hours during speeches (note to self: next time, double socks). But some things one must do. Of course, I’m not actually a woman; it was an expression of solidarity. There were many other males. I was stunned by the hugeness of the crowd (way bigger than the April March for Science). The speeches were actually pretty rousing; and while there was much to be angry about, a positive spirit prevailed. Everyone felt good being there. How much good it will do is something else. Hopefully, it will carry over to where it really counts, in this democracy: voting.

I noted that behind the speakers stood a statue of our first president, George Washington. What a wise and noble man, who did so much to truly make America great. The contrast against the current president was striking; a tangible symbol of how far the institution has fallen.

I got out the “Trump Disgraces America” sign I’d made for last January’s airport protest. There were many hundreds of home-made signs, many very clever, fun to see. The words “shit hole” duly appeared. And the prize goes to . . . a cartoon of Trump and “Does this ass make my country look small?”

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