Christ is risen

2 Responses to “Christ is risen”

  1. DAN FAREK Says:

    Frank, do you realize that you have just called over 2 Billion Christians “fools”? Why would you do this? I notice that you have never said anything like this regarding followers of Islam!!!

    In response to a question to the Vicar’s wife if she believed in God she replied:
    “I need to believer in something perfect and unchanging in this imperfect world. Humans are apt to make other humans into gods and being human they let them down. I sometimes think that inside everyone is a desire for a spiritual belief and sometimes it gets twisted. Why else would people worship, say, Hitler or Elvis Presley?.” HISS AND HERS, M.C. Beaton.

  2. Greg Says:

    It’s probably true that every human has a desire for something perfect and unchanging in this world, and religion is often the chosen outlet for this urge. But does that prove there is a God? — I don’t think so. That some individuals need a God for their emotional security isn’t evidence for God.

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