Suffer the little children: America’s crime against humanity

Remember when “for the children” was a staple of political discourse?

The Trump administration is now implementing a policy of taking children away from undocumented parents caught at the border. We’re told this is to deter them. White House Chief of Staff Kelly said the children are being “put into foster care, or whatever.”

“Foster care” has long been a scandal. Supposedly it’s to remove kids from bad family situations. But many foster parents do it not for the children but for the payments they get. On average, kids are better off with their biological parents, however problematic, than in foster care.

The refugee children are being handled by the Office of Refugee Resettlement — which is understaffed and overwhelmed. It admits that of 7633 children in its custody in 2017, it has lost track of 1475. Has no idea where they are now. Their parents will probably never find them again. Some are infants. Some were apparently given to traffickers.

While foreigners don’t have a general right to come here, under international law among civilized nations, pursuant to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, people escaping persecution or endangered in their home countries do have a right to apply for asylum. Many of the migrants in question qualify. Asylum seekers don’t break the law by crossing our border. Aiming to “deter” them is wrong. Punishing them by taking away their children constitutes a crime against humanity.

Trump himself actually calls it “horrible” — but compounds the crime by blaming it, somehow, on Democrats — yet another of his constant lies. (Fact: as Kelly and Attorney General Sessions have stated, it’s the Trump administration that has chosen to newly interpret the law in this inhumanly harsh way.)


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