Democrats and anti-democrats

Democracy is great . . . until you elect people who don’t believe in it. Like in Venezuela, where a criminal gang got power, and now can’t be voted out while looting the country.

And like Wisconsin and Michigan. Republicans were voted out of the governorships and other statewide offices. But though also outvoted for state legislative seats, they kept majorities through extreme gerrymandering. And, Venezuela-like, used that legislative control to strip the incoming governors and other officials of key powers, grabbing those powers for themselves.

Politics is a hardball game. But this is something new — shredding the rules of the game as they’ve long been understood in democracies. A key element of democratic culture is honoring voter sovereignty, pluralism, and the legitimacy of opposition. When you lose an election, you accept it, bow out, and let the other side have its day.

But Republicans no longer believe in democracy. They only believe in their own power. They executed their power grabs in Michigan and Wisconsin, with hardly a fig leaf of justification, because they could. Likewise when they abused their U.S. Senate majority to steal a Supreme Court seat, something unprecedented in our history.

Republicans’ rejection of democratic culture has long been clear too from their voter suppression tactics. Instead of trying to attract opposing voters, they aim to stop their voting.

Blacks are primary targets. A lot of Republican election wins have actually been achieved by preventing many blacks (and members of other demographic groups) from voting. This was certainly true of Georgia’s gubernatorial election; maybe the 2016 presidential election too.

Despite these shameful tactics, most blacks in America still can vote. And what mystifies me is why their turnout is not virtually 100%.

We’re endlessly told how racist America is; that “black lives matter” must be fought for. Well, the most powerful weapon in combating all that is the vote. We’re also endlessly told that the system is rigged and voting is pointless, it doesn’t matter. Yet while a single vote may not change anything, millions of votes do. Money may rule, but only if it can buy votes. People can refuse to be fooled. And at the end of the day, it’s votes that rule.

Look again at 2016 and tell me voting doesn’t matter. America would be a completely different country today if all blacks able to vote in 2016 had done so. Probably if just 5% more had done so.

Racism? Don’t talk to me about racism if you don’t vote.

3 Responses to “Democrats and anti-democrats”

  1. Popo Says:

    This whole article is a bunch of democratic crap that is ruining our great country. No wonder the klan and skinheads are coming back out. Get a grip you weak ass moist bitch.

  2. Paul J Landsberg Says:

    Frank, insightful as always. To answer your question you should think of the Republican assault on America and American values as multi-pronged. Anti-science, tribalism, voter suppression, anti-government, hysteria, are all threads from the same attacks. One prong of the Republic attack machine is to propagate the concept that politics are irrelevant……politics does not matter……….government is ineffective. Part of those attacks are simply messaging. Do it loudly, do it often, do it like you believe it. Also, if there should be good political leaders, all you need to do is to throw up roadblocks, choke points, distractions, or just delay, delay, delay to support the attack of “ineffectiveness.”

    Not quite tangential, have you heard that we may have finally discovered true election fraud in NC? Two counties had “outlier” rates of absentee ballots requested, but, not mailed in – Robeson and Bladen. Ultimate beneficiary of absentee ballots suppressed? Republican Mark Harris. Under state law, the state publishes a file, every day, of which voters have requested absentee ballots, and, which voters have returned them already

  3. Gregory Kipp Says:

    An accurate analysis of the anti-democratic forces within the Republican party. Popo says the klan and skinheads are coming back … why?? Not because of anything progressives have done to be sure. When you have a political party full of people who think like that, it’s not surprising they resort to immoral tactics rather than reason and working with the system. It’s a sign the Republican party is in decline.

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