Consciousness, Self & Free Will — my talk 1/13

I will give a talk at the Capital District Humanist Society, Sunday, Jan. 13, 12:45 PM, Room 224 of Sage College Campus Center, Academy Rd & New Scotland Ave., Albany. (Nice refreshments!)

What does it really mean to have a self? Or feel that you do? Making choices and decisions? Philosophers have long wrestled with these problems. Some argue that neuroscience reveals the self and free will are illusions. A book by Daniel Dennett argues otherwise. My talk will resolve these issues once and for all.

One Response to “Consciousness, Self & Free Will — my talk 1/13”

  1. Gregory Kipp Says:

    So, how did you resolve the question regarding the existence of free-will? I’m curious because some physics theories claim the future is immutable, which implies the answer about free-will depends on the nature of the cosmos. If you’ve got that figured out, I’d like to hear about it!! :o)

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