Trump trumped

While posturing as proud to announce a deal, that was typical Trump bullshit. In fact he totally capitulated. Got nothing. Not a thing more than was offered 35 days before. So all the pain and cost of the shutdown was for nought.

He actually blew it before it even started, with his loud declaration he’d be proud to shut down the government. This piece of idiocy self-disembowled his later predictable effort to blame Democrats, thus ensuring they wouldn’t yield to him.

So much for the “great deal maker.” This master negotiator couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag.

This also proves that standing up to bullies works.

Having beaten him on the wall now, Democrats won’t give it to him later. His threat to shut the government down again on February 15, to get it, is hollow. You know the aphoristic definition of insanity — doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Now there are cracks in his previously monolithic support, as some are disgusted by his caving on his signature promise, and some begin to realize maybe they made a mistake putting faith in such a fraud. Polls now show 57% of Americans rule out voting for Trump in 2020.

If he were smart he’d deep-six the whole wall thing and move on, hoping this fiasco might dim in memory by 2020. Otherwise he’ll just keep reminding voters of it. Only a fool would do that. Of course, that’s exactly what he is. Our saving grace. Imagine if we had a man this bad who actually knew what he was doing.

So now there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Though still much darkness along the way. At least we can hope his monument to ignorance, xenophobia, racism, and folly never does get built.

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  1. Michael M. Kazanjian Says:

    P. 8, Feb/March 2019 Philosophy Now, “How often have I consciously deliberated….?” implying many actions are via precalculation, prereflective sounds much like Husserl, Schutz’ methodologic lifeworld. I do not see their names in your article. “No conscious thought” seems synonymous with lifeworld. Am I correct? Interesting article by you. Such ideas are also part of my book, Unified Philosophy: Interdisciplinary Metaphysics, Cyberethics, and Liberal Arts. I have no website. Michael M. Kazanjian

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