Sex, religion, and perversion

It started with civilization’s Middle Eastern beginnings, with the idea not that sex is dirty, exactly, but that afterwards you had to cleanse yourself, as part of an overall purification, before communing with the divine. But, as people will, some eventually carried this idea to an extreme, seeing sex as indeed dirty altogether.

There was a slight problem, inasmuch as sex was necessary for procreation (which everybody thought good). Well, okay, they said, so sex is acceptable but only for making babies, not to gratify lust. This is the Adam-and-Eve story. God did tell them to be fruitful, but Adam’s sin was doing it lustily rather than mere dispassionate fulfillment of duty. And note that it’s usually called Adam’s sin. There’s a reason. Ancient peoples didn’t read their biology books. They thought impregnation entailed a miniature person, in the sperm, being seeded into the woman’s body. They didn’t understand her genetic contribution. So while Adam’s “sin” was transmitted down the generations via repeated lustful couplings, that was only through the male line. Thus, voila, Jesus — immaculately conceived without sperm — was born free of original sin! Neat!

Eventually though, the Church realized this didn’t square with biology. So to fix the story, they belatedly (in 1854) posited that Mary too was — somehow — herself immaculately conceived.

You might be confused here, thinking the original sin was not lust but disobeying God by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Same thing, said Saint Augustine (around 400 AD). The whole convoluted nonsense about “original sin” is traceable to him. Because he was tortured by his idea that the lust he himself experienced was a dirty sin that kept him from true communion with God. And, as Augustine’s legacy, Christians to this day torture themselves over this.

This attitude is itself a kind of sexual perversion. It loads ordinary, natural sex acts with a meaning and significance that make no sense. And, by the way, if humans were made in God’s image, does She feel lust? How does she handle it?

But actually we are products of biology. Even if you close your eyes to evolution, you cannot close them to biology, and the role of genes — with their be-all and end-all the promotion of reproduction.

One thing an organism needs to do to reproduce is to eat. Obviously. But (with very few exceptions) organisms aren’t smart enough to realize that. They need to be programmed by genes to eat; otherwise they’d just die without knowing why. So genes make organisms feel hunger, and feel good when eating.

What has this to do with sex? Everything. Would organisms even think of copulating (a pretty bizarre activity, really) if not biologically programmed to feel the analog of hunger, i.e., lust, and to feel good when satisfying it?

Nobody thinks hunger and eating are dirty or sinful. That would be nuts. So by what logic are the analogous lust and sex deemed sinful? Only by Augustine’s very twisted thinking.

Well, sex does bring a second person into the picture, which complicates matters. There’s always the key principle against gratifying oneself at another’s expense. So rape is a sin. Likewise assuaging hunger by eating another person. But that wouldn’t mean feeling hunger, or sexual desire, are themselves wrong. Only gratifying them in wrongful ways could be. (Which we don’t need God to tell us.)

Yet we so get our knickers in a twist over lust. The irrationality is exemplified by masturbation. Here (generally speaking) there’s no issue of harm to others.

An offense against God? Of course there’s no God, but even if there were, what kind of perverted human logic imputes to her a disapproval of self-gratification? What kind of perverted God would create us with powerful sex drives and punish us for expressing them in harmless ways that come naturally? It’s all hopelessly fucked up.

The ancient idea that conversation with the divine requires purification eventually got transmogrified into the Catholic Church’s priestly celibacy. As though sex is so profoundly dirty that no amount of pre-liturgical cleansing could suffice, hence our interlocutors with divinity must abjure sex altogether. So crazy extreme is this idea that the unsurprising result is to attract into the priesthood a disproportionate share of men whose own relationships with their sexuality are messed up.

Indeed, with more than just sexuality. There’s something deeply awry in the souls of men who ostensibly dedicate their lives to God’s work yet somehow convince themselves molesting choir boys is okay. Or that protecting rapists somehow serves God. Still holding themselves out as moral shepherds of their flocks. And what of the sheep who look to such men as their shepherds?

The Catholic Church may be a special case, but other faiths have similar fundamental hang-ups about sex. They condemn homosexuality as a sinful perversion, while loading up on guilt even over normal heterosexual feelings. Thus denying gays — and themselves as well — the right to feelings which cannot be willed away. Who are the real perverts?

One Response to “Sex, religion, and perversion”

  1. henry aifesehi oloton Says:

    I thank God that you are not a believer and probably a doubtful one. Simple biology also denotes that those genes that interacts can be controlled to act normally (abnormal) production can lead to dysfunctional in itself. Now you have not understood the Bible and come out to write a claim for it (like all atheist ) do. These claims have led women to become worthless today free world and they jump naked at every opportunity in our streets. Generally speaking what has these freedom to be “yourself” like a lower animal done for mankind. Pornography was encouraged by mankind and this led to more drugs and evil , not to mention the societal acceptance of LGBTQ and sado, weird , pedophiles now fighting for acceptance. We have kicked God out, but soon we will call for Him, when our societies will become decadent by drugs;death from social crimes in alarming rates. Adam did not give God the chance to explain what He (God) created for him (that was the plan from beginning). He “aborted class” and now he suffers to understand the world created for him. Now men and women are supposed to enjoy sex but be married to do it. Whether we taking more than one wife or not. Now sexual crimes world wide and abortion killing mankind in drones. I will not explain God to you because you are not a believer. But God has His position in how to effectively use the parts He give us…We stopped class in the garden of Eden..It is the same today if a child says i know it all and stop school in elementary one(first year of education class) by disobeying the teacher to the point of being sent out of school.If such student manages to train himself and become a rocket scientist, i will not be in that rocket or near it…That is the short story of mankind moving in great speed to self destruction.What we call fun today is self imprisonment and destruction of our biology and our societies are only making money trying to produce a remedy to the very diseases and crimes they create.Giving the bible to prisoners and removing it from schools is an example of the fucked up world created by disobedient mankind who claim there is no God. To use your own language there “sic” …Many like you (freud. S) included , have psycho-away the explanation that has helped the decadence that picked up speed in the in the 50’s…Now look at the world today 2019; we are still trying to solve every social problems we created and some trying to run away by suicide and more….You don’t know God and let me let you in on a secret. God will bring the Eden again and start teaching those Adam and Eve willing to listen. The disobedient ones , He will burn)off like a malfunctioned products…..Every manufacturer does that , don’t they?

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