“Crimes that shock the conscience of civilized men” (and women)

That’s a phrase I remember from my legal education.

Over a year ago we learned of Trump’s cruel policy of separating migrant children from parents. Kidnapping them, really; put in cages in concentration camps; often with no tracking to ever reunite them with parents, many of whom were deported. The psychological trauma inflicted on these innocent children is an abomination.

First the administration lied that its hands were tied by prior legislation. Even invoked the Bible to defend this atrocity. When national revulsion nevertheless exploded, Trump then said it was an Obama policy he was stopping — a lie on both counts.*

Today thousands of children remain in these wretched camps. Recently the Trump administration announced cancellation of many services provided to them, including recreational and educational programs.

More recently reports have emerged about the shocking conditions to which these kids are subjected. In tents and concrete blocks with no summer air conditioning, in Texas and Florida. Crowded together in filth, with no baths or showers, no diaper changes for the youngest; scant medical care or adult attention of any sort. Unsurprisingly, deaths have occurred. Sexual molestation is rampant.

Public outrage is muted. Why? No searing photos. One thing this otherwise incompetent administration has managed to accomplish is keeping a lid on pictures in these concentration camps. Not even members of Congress are allowed access.

Speaking of Congress: why no public hearings, to grill administration officials about these atrocities and hold them to account?

They claim there’s no money to care for these children. Should have thought of that before ripping them from their mothers. But Trump says he can find money for his wall. Which will do nothing to stop the influx of people fleeing desperate circumstances in their home countries.** Countries whose U.S. aid Trump has insanely cut.

Meantime he threatens to have ICE round up and deport millions of people who’ve lived here, inoffensively, mostly productively, for years. Many with children who are U.S. citizens, who’ll be devastated to lose their parents.

All this from a political gang purporting to worship Jesus Christ; indeed, fetishizing the rights of unborn children.

Their crimes against humanity will blacken America’s soul forever. The only possible expiation will be to vote out the depraved monster responsible, and all his enablers. They deserve worse.

* The Supreme Court officially ruled yesterday that the Trump administration is a bunch of liars; rejecting its bid to add a citizenship question to the Census, because the pretext for it was false. (The true aim was to undercount Hispanics.) Trump tweeted he’ll seek to postpone the Census — contrary to explicit Constitutional requirement.

** Trump in his first campaign launch called Mexican migrants rapists. Turns out he’s the rapist.

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