Another day, another protest

I attended Friday’s Albany protest against Trump’s inhuman cruelty to migrant people. Some things one has to do.

Quite a few asked to take pictures of my sign. Maybe I should copyright it. (“Make America Great Again: Dump Trump”)

One speech I really didn’t like. Assemblyman Phil Steck started by saying, “This is no aberration,” that America has always committed villainies, so we shouldn’t be surprised. He went on like that at length; got applause.

No. He spoke before a statue of Washington — a very noble man. I’m proud to be part of a nation conceived in nobility, standing for the highest ideals and human values. Have we been perfect? Of course not. But America has always striven for, and achieved, progress.

Until 2016. It breaks my heart to see my beloved country so degraded. Forced to join a protest against vile atrocities committed in its name.

Many present were veteran protesters. There was a very nice comradely vibe. At the end we all sang, “This Land is Your Land.” Yet there was an air of going-through-the-motions. I felt like an alien. Not just because of Steck’s speech; others said the right things; yet for all the outrage expressed, it somehow seemed inadequate to the seriousness of this moral crisis.

Churchill said America will always do the right thing, after exhausting all the alternatives. I hope he was right and I don’t have to attend many more such events.

2 Responses to “Another day, another protest”

  1. Axel Kornfuehrer Says:

    Let us hope that that Churchill quotation proves itself right once again. But let us hope it happens soon.
    I just read an interesting suggestion. Given that Trump will do anything to outdo Obama, can we persuade him that it is really true that Obama can hold his breath for 20 minutes?

  2. Paul J Landsberg Says:

    Your one phrase brought home a fundamental difference between how you and I see things. “Have we been perfect? Of course not. But America has always striven for, and achieved, progress.” I am a pessimist. Slavery, human experimentation, the internment of the Japanese, the Watergate break-in, Reagan funding drugs that ravaged Americans, the complete ignoring of the AIDS crisis for far too long, Bush Junior spending trillions without a real plan on a war (this list could go on on and on). These represent just a few things brought to you by the USA that directly harmed and/or killed people in the USA

    My anger is that far too often our “imperfections” are swept under the carpet with a glib oh well, I was just trying to do the right thing. And yet somehow, we keep on doing stupid &#$*$.

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