Suffer the little children

Child separation: first they cited the Bible to defend it. Then they said it’s the law — a lie. Then Trump said it was an Obama policy he was stopping. A lie on both counts.

Thousands of children were taken from parents. In June 2018, it was a Federal Judge ordering this stopped. But we now learn at least 911 more children were taken since.

That order stipulated it could be done only upon a determination that “the parent is unfit or presents a danger to the child.” Unfortunately a loophole through which the Trump regime has driven a monster truck, continuing to take children, on the flimsiest pretexts. Past “criminal acts” which turn out to be traffic infractions. A child was seized from a parent who didn’t change her diaper fast enough.

What happens to them? Put in cages in concentration camps in conditions so squalid that if they were dogs or cats those responsible would be jailed for animal cruelty. We have not seen shocking photos only because the regime has been assiduous in restricting access.

Thousands of children. Many babies and toddlers. Rampant sexual abuse. Some have died. And many weren’t identified properly so they’ll likely never see their parents again. The human suffering defies my descriptive capability. I think of these children, painfully, every time I see happy kids with parents. Imagine this for your own child.

There is no possible excuse for this crime against humanity (perpetrated by so-called “Christians” prattling about “family values”). It will blacken America’s soul forever. History will judge harshly.

Footnote: Trump’s racist tirade against Rep. Cummings was triggered by Cummings exposing, in hearings, these monstrous crimes. The regime continues to dismiss it all as lies.

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