Democrats and America’s soul

In the debates, the Democratic candidates had much to say about policy issues. But that isn’t what this election is about. It’s about America’s soul. What the country stands for. What it means.

Only one of the debaters really seemed to get it. Ironically, the one all the rest beat up as yesterday’s man, out of touch, not getting it. In fact, he’s not on their wavelength — but the right one. That’s Biden.

It’s not as though the others are oblivious to Trump’s monstrousness. Yet they seemed to focus more on criticizing Obama’s administration than Trump’s. (As a Republican I criticized Obama plenty myself.) This shows how far left they’ve veered, pandering to the party’s activist base of zealots. Not even Obama met their purity test.

So we hear policies like decriminalizing unauthorized border crossing*; free healthcare for everyone including the undocumented; free college, ditto. And slavery reparations.

To politically correct “progressives” these might seem no-brainers, but to most Americans they’re brainless. This plays into Trump’s hands, eager to portray Democrats as crazy socialist radicals.

Biden was if anything too timid about separating himself from all that.** He can let the others divide the hard left vote, and scoop up the moderate centrist vote.

But again this election is not about policies. As news commentator Dan Balz said, there’s too much “I have a plan for that,” not enough “I have a vision for America.” Democrats should be full-throated in defending our fundamental values that Trump is shredding. Only Biden is really focused on that. We’re a nation defined by its motto, e pluribus unum —out of many, one. Enriched by its diversity, an open society, sufficiently confident of itself to welcome the newcomers who refresh our culture, and for full engagement with a globalized world, leading the free nations and standing for what’s right.

Not a society mired in resentful white nationalism. Trump won last time partly on economic populism, but hasn’t delivered on those phony promises, so now he’s going full Monty on racism and cruel xenophobia. This is the battleground he’s chosen.


Let’s have this battle. Trump is betting that half of Americans, at least, are as hateful as him. The insane political strategy of a deranged fool. I’m betting decency will prevail.

* A point that seemed overlooked is that crossing the border to apply for asylum has never been illegal.

** He even caved on the TPP. Trump’s exiting the TPP was nuts. But Democrats are so muddled themselves about trade policy they failed to criticize the madness.

3 Responses to “Democrats and America’s soul”

  1. DJ Qu8ke Says:

    You can’t be this ignorant. Perhaps this is an attempt to push the elite’s narrative, to advance the progressive luciferian, pedophilic, agenda. I think you are grasping for straws, looking over your shoulder for God’s wrath while Trump and eighty-million patriots are gaining on you. Tik Tok
    #WWG1WGA #liberalismisamentaldisorder
    #thegreatawakening #MAGA #PitchForksandLanters

  2. ryan71 Says:

    Some times I wonder if the Democratic parties strategy is doing what it should. By having so many contenders it forces the Republican party to spread out their resources and keeps the full focus off of the actual contender(s).
    Yes, there is madness in a lot of the left-leaning candidate’s ideas. But laws and policies are first built from grand ideas. We pound on the idea, compromise (it’s not a curse word) and come to the common, sensable ground. But it starts first with grand ideas.

  3. Lee Says:

    So we hear policies like decriminalizing unauthorized border crossing; free healthcare for everyone including the undocumented; free college, ditto. And slavery reparations. To politically correct “progressives” these might seem no-brainers, but to most [sic] Americans they’re brainless.

    I’d like to hear your detailed analysis of these issues.

    You wrote eloquently about how those fleeing the Nazi’s were given blanket permission to immigrate, without having to individually prove asylum claims on a case by case basis. Your thoughts on whether that should be updated to apply to those fleeing Syria or Honduras would be appreciated.

    The Native Americans (and the many, many other civilizations subject to European colonialism) have given up on trying to evict the European invaders; how long should the more recent “illegals” in our country have to wait until they are accepted as permanent Americans?

    Surely you’ve heard of efforts to compensate the Japanese who were interred during World War 2 and to compensate the Jews who had their possessions (and lives) stolen during that same period. Is it so “brainless” to also compensate those who suffered under American slavery?

    Free healthcare is a right though most of the developed world. My spouse, an American, was treated completely free of charge when her foot was pierced all the way through by a sea urchin in Spain. Thank goodness that they cover non-citizens, no fuss. Or am I being “brainless” to think so?

    I think the big cause of alienation for the right-wing is those who are asking the questions. The questioners frequently ask about reparations or dreamers, but the Democrats are hardly ever asked what they would do to help others in distress, such as those whose jobs are being displaced by technology. (Well, sometimes the question is phrased as “how would you win over those displaced Trump voters”, but that phrasing makes any response appear disingenuous.) The net effect is that the Democrats appear to be favoring some groups over others. If we can rid ourselves of this biased reporting, the “brainless” ideas will start to make much more sense.

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