Race hate will destroy America

Previously I’ve condensed here Michael Gerson columns. Last Thursday’s deserves reading in full:https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ignoring-trumps-racism-betrays-our-countrys-victims/2019/08/01/78b9d0e6-b471-11e9-8949-5f36ff92706e_story.html

Given the vile history Gerson describes, it’s amazing there isn’t more race hatred: by blacks against whites. I see very little. When black passersby smile at me (which is often), I think of the horrors they’ve suffered from whites. Their rising above it bespeaks nobility of spirit. Whites who revile them have none.

Like the depraved creep in the White House who plays with fire in stoking racial hatreds. His scripted sanctimony after the latest mass shooting by a race-crazed gunman is beyond hypocrisy. “Hate has no place in America,” said the hatemonger-in-chief.

Trump himself bears responsibility for inciting this crime. There’s blood on his hands.

If, God forbid, he’s re-elected, I will anticipate no more cordial smiles from blacks I encounter. How could we look each other in the eye?

3 Responses to “Race hate will destroy America”

  1. Doug Weston-Kolarik Says:

    My, you truly are more than abit out of touch with reality with regard to feelings between the blacks and whites. The smiles you are receiving from blacks are very likely hiding something much different than the usually intended pleasant “hello”. The reality is that the generally negative feelings (not hatred) between blacks and whites have not significantly changed in a hundred years. As a sociologist of 45 years I believe that such feelings will never change significantly. Society has just recently (last 40 years or so) made it “more” unacceptable for whites to voice negative comments toward blacks. Discrimination against blacks carries stricter consequences. Attitudes and feelings remain almost unchanged. The “just under the surface” phenomenon. I can quote studies and data but you certainly have access to such. Bottom line; Trump has just made it more socially “ok” for certain whites to resurrect some of these prejudices toward blacks. Beware of those smiles.

    D.C. Weston LISW, PhD

    On Tue, Aug 6, 2019, 4:33 PM The Rational Optimist wrote:

    > rationaloptimist posted: “Previously I’ve condensed here Michael Gerson > columns. Last Thursday’s deserves reading in full: > https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/ignoring-trumps-racism-betrays-our-countrys-victims/2019/08/01/78b9d0e6-b471-11e9-8949-5f36ff92706e_story.html > Given” >

  2. jnutzs Says:

    Youre a race baiter and im onto you now. Hide somewhere you little bitch, cause these articles are trash, like you. Your days as a writer are coming to an end

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  3. Lee Says:

    When people care about each other, that is friendship. It works across racial lines.

    Continue advocating for fairness and equality and people will continue to look you in the eye and smile.

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