100 years of women voting

Today is the 100th anniversary of the constitutional amendment giving women the vote. That came just eleven weeks before the 1920 presidential election. In that short time, election systems all across the country had to gear up for a doubling of the vote. To get half the electorate registered to vote, for the first time. All without computers, the internet, and other modern technology.

Was there chaos, and cries of fraud? No. Nothing of the kind. Everything went perfectly fine. America made this huge adjustment with our traditional can-do spirit. A lot of men still opposed women voting. But nobody tried to stop them.

This November we will vote amid a pandemic, and unprecedented use of mail ballots. With a president determined to create chaos, lie about fraud, and keep as many people as possible from voting.

Are we at least as good a country as we were in 1920?

One Response to “100 years of women voting”

  1. Axel Kornfuehrer Says:

    You make an excellent point about how rapidly our country adapted to a huge increase in voting enrollment in 1920 without fraud and major problems. It seems Trump is trying to convince us we are not as good as we were a century ago. Frank, thanks for your insights.

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