Gofundme for Somaliland rape and torture victim

Cawo, a Somaliland medical student, while living with a host family in order to pursue her university studies, was stalked by a relative of that family, who finally raped her and stabbed her repeatedly. In a coma, she needs medical treatment Somaliland cannot provide. Hajira, a student from that country we’re hosting, is participating in a Gofundme for the needed treatment. Here is the link: https://gofund.me/ea3578a7

One Response to “Gofundme for Somaliland rape and torture victim”

  1. Don Bronkema Says:

    Hath savagery no limit? Install psychiatric nurse in every school to spot indices of psychopathy. In vigesimals ahead, CRISPR-cas9 will delete the offending neural sequences. In combo w/other goodies oft herein noted [e.g., the Toulouse plastic digestizyme], we can make Earth an ecodise by 2150. Meanwhile, dragged from WH in cuffs en route to trial in the SDNY, Trump mite escape & leap from top of his Tower. Manuscripts solicited.

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