Get your shot — please

Millions around the country struggle with non-user-friendly systems, desperately trying to schedule their covid vaccinations. While millions of others refuse the shot.

First, about those scheduling systems. Forcing people to battle for appointments, which are often distant, or unavailable, is simply crazy. Disadvantaging those not computer savvy — and especially, as ever, the poor and minorities. Instead, let’s have everyone just register, with their details. Then let the system dole out appointments, as available, in some rational order, and notify people by phone or email. Problem solved. Why aren’t we doing it that way?

Part of it is that while Trump was all self-praise about the rapid vaccine development, he totally flubbed planning for its distribution. The Biden administration seems to be doing far better getting shots into people. It’s a race against the virus, with new strains more contagious and likely more injurious, thus threatening a lot more carnage before it’s beaten.

The more people who are vaccinated — or immune after infection — the slower the spread will be, because each virus in the air has fewer potential victims. If it doesn’t find one, it dies. At some point available targets become so scarce the disease is stymied. That’s “herd immunity.” The quicker we attain it, by vaccinating enough people, the lower the death toll will be, and the sooner we can renormalize.

This is why your vaccination is crucial. Not only protecting you personally, but helping our whole country defeat this problem. Masks and social distancing are also very important, likewise blocking covid’s ability to infect people and hastening its end.

We know about the covidiots sabotaging us by refusing to wear masks. Claiming an infringement of their freedom. Like obeying a Stop sign infringes your freedom. You don’t have “freedom” to behave in ways that endanger others.

Now we’re also seeing too many people shunning the vaccine, especially in minority communities. This is a very serious problem that threatens us all — delaying herd immunity and a return to normalish life, it will needlessly kill many thousands.

First of course you’ve got anti-vaxxers who oppose vaccines altogether — their views are scientifically bunk. One corner of the wave of internet craziness that’s so ruinous. But covid vaccine resistance goes far beyond those loopy precincts.

Partly it’s that the messages we get from experts may seem confusing. They’re naturally cautious and try to properly hedge what they tell us, creating an unduly convoluted picture. One key thing is being told that vaccinated people may still be infectious so still must take precautions like masking. Leading some to think (wrongly) there’s no point in getting the vaccine.

Here’s the story. Vaccination won’t completely eliminate your chances of getting infected, or infecting others, but it will drastically reduce them. And when we’re told a vaccine is, like, 90% effective, that’s also easily misinterpreted. It does not mean simply that 90% of people getting the shot are protected, and 10% aren’t. Instead, it means that comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated people, the latter are about ten times likelier to get infected. But even that understates the benefit, because those few vaccinated people who do get infected have much milder symptoms, compared to the unvaccinated average. Their chance of dying is virtually nil. And furthermore, if you do infect another person, they too would likely suffer much less than otherwise.

Another concern is vaccine safety. Some people distrustful because of the rushed development. It was indeed done remarkably fast — but only because the urgency was so extreme, hence enormous resources were devoted to it. That should instill confidence in the result. And these vaccines have been tested thoroughly — those responsible could not have dared risk the repercussions of cutting corners. Nor could the government authorities approving vaccine use.

So are the risks zero? Of course not, nothing ever has zero risk. But one must rationally weigh risks against benefits. Here, clearly, the chances of a serious adverse reaction to a covid shot are exceedingly small. By now millions have been inoculated and there don’t seem to be any cautionary stories. Surely any dangers from vaccination are vastly smaller than the threat of serious illness or death from covid, against which the vaccine provides much protection.

Don’t be a covidiot. Get your shot. Please.

6 Responses to “Get your shot — please”

  1. Don Bronkema Says:

    This nonagenarian immune lifelong to all infection, but will get shot 01 May at CVS-adjacent. Meanwhile, his 20 y/o biodottir [putatively thus-endowed & immune to evidence], abjures all meds, exams & precautions beyond diet & exercise. Joker in deck: we inhabit the heart of an even-now somewhat polluted conurbation. Counsel?

  2. cocobiskits Says:

    In the time of Trump, there were fewer shots available. Biden is obviously going to benefit from the “hangover” effect of previous decisions. Making the appointments for people. Sure, because you really have all the accurate contact details of the poor and disadvantaged. If the US cannot track illegal immigrants (poor, disadvantaged AND taken advantage of by the privileged) then good luck with that system. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. It requires a massive coordination of local organisations because even the IRS does not have everybody on file! It’s a tough project and sniping that Trump (I’m not a supporter!) does you no credit.

  3. rationaloptimist Says:

    Trump did nothing whatsoever to prepare for vaccine distribution.

  4. Don Bronkema Says:

    Coco: Trump-sniping is de rigueur for those who want Person to survive, prosper, prevail & transcend. Colonia Martialis is a mere launch-pad for MW exploration, aliens willing (:-). Ovkorss, we must avoid, block or offset the 14 terrestrial & cosmic calamities. Historians & filosofers of science are cautiously optimistic, but Person must abjure greed, racism, jingoism, thruput-prodigality, misogyny & reactionism. Meanwhile, mind & volition are illusory [Libet/Koch], & the kosmos, being endogenous, is w/o origin or end. Messor Gravis, luckily, relieves us of all angst.

  5. Dave Says:

    Get my 1st shot at CVS on Monday 3/1. 2nd dose 3/29

  6. Don Bronkema Says:

    Cheers for Dave & all koronalacra! United, Man will reach the stars…

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