“The Statue”— my short story video

My tale, “The Statue,” was a winner in the Hudson Valley Writers Guild’s recent short story contest. Originally written around fifty years ago, it might have some resonance for contemporary America — rather more in the months since submittal! 

My friend Frank Wind recorded my dramatic reading (about 24 minutes). View it at this link: https://www.facebook.com/frank.s.robinson/videos/10157619299512633

2 Responses to ““The Statue”— my short story video”

  1. Don Bronkema Says:

    Respondent is obliged to say he can’t bear fiction because it is unreal. Ovkorss, the wave function is probabilistic, so he half-despises the universe, too. Those drafting the DSM-VI suggest ‘borderline’ personae mite issue from awareness that ego is a phantom, a pose of volitional pseudonomy. The caitiff plants his hallup at the precipice, Will suspended, waiting for Godot.

  2. Basil Demetriadi Says:

    Frank, I tried to view your video but when i found out it had to be done via Facebook I refused to subscribe to this “thing”. Sorry about that. Perhaps another time. Be well, Basil.

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