Leadership lessons: How (not) to get girls

Governor Andrew Cuomo hungered for feminine companionship. I can relate to that. All his power and glory may not cut it for him without a woman in the picture. And he’s horny. But being governor actually kind of constrains him in a box.

So (as the pattern becomes clear) what he does is to surround himself with pretty young women in subordinate roles, then puts the move on them. Summoned into his office to “help with his phone.” One he tells he’s “single and ready to mingle,” and then grabs her breast.

Maybe I’m naive, or a sappy romantic, but I just don’t get it. I think about my own history with women. For a long time I was very inhibited. Even out on a date it would never have entered my head to just grab a girl like that. Maybe if drunk? I was never drunk. But neither was Cuomo, on those occasions.

Eventually I did learn how to get it on with a girl. But not the Cuomo way. Did this (otherwise) very savvy man think this was the way to initiate a sexual relationship? Governor: find a woman not your subordinate. Ask her out on a date. On the phone. Politely. Nobody can fault that. If she accepts, then the rules are different from in the office. (But even then you don’t just grab.)

But I guess I don’t have the mentality of a Cuomo. Long accustomed to getting what he wants. Then again, here he doesn’t seem to have gotten it. Unless we just haven’t heard from women he did shag. But somehow I doubt that. His behavior seems more like that of a guy not getting any.

Now, I like kissing a woman. And feeling a breast, and getting aroused. Et cetera. But the physical sensations are very much secondary to the atmospherics of human intimacy they signify. That she enjoys it. I can’t imagine it gratifying me otherwise; especially not otherwise, when the personal dynamics are the opposite. So it just baffles me that some men do seem to get jollies that way. Very messed up, I think.

Particularly considering the risks. Even if feeling that breast did provide some nanoseconds of thrill (however psychologically perverse), could that remotely have been worth the risk of the repercussions? For a man in Cuomo’s position? It seems insane.

Indeed, he’s now surely in a tighter box. 

2 Responses to “Leadership lessons: How (not) to get girls”

  1. Antoninus Pius Says:

    In so many cases, it’s not about the feelings, or normal sexual gratification. It’s a matter of power. Some people, men and women both, get off by asserting their power over others. You see it time and time again through out history. Couple this with a sense of entitlement based on family, position, and even good deeds done, and you get Coumo.

  2. Don Bronkema Says:

    Exactly! Volition is dispositive: opening the portal & closing it. Gentlemen of decent instincts flee at the first flicker of resistance.The object [as Freud, Jung & Adler agreed] is not pleasure per se, but validating conquest–convoluted by Oedipal competition, beatings, crippling mistimed circumcision, dependency, family chaos, maternal lesbianism, puritan guilt, prudish adversion & oscillating cathexis. Bottom-line: copulation max 3x w/given companion & concomitant ruin. These are among the rarest cases in the DSM-V: utterly intractable, tho other issues [e.g., passivity, self-hatred & sadistic intellective bullying] can be addressed in repeat vigesimals* of analysis & cogno-behavioral/PTSD remediation. Reaper will advance the taking of desperados.*20-year periods.

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