Covid-19: Now the Republican Disease

The ultimate political wet dream: a deadly disease that, somehow, selectively targets the other party.

U.S. Covid cases and deaths are climbing back up. Spurred by the especially nasty Delta variant. Deaths are 99.5% unvaccinated people. And most unvaccinated people are Republicans.

They’ve needlessly brought this holocaust upon themselves, by politicizing Covid, and vaccines in particular, bathing in a sea of lies, and making vaccine refusal a “freedom” issue. As in freedom to jeopardize not only your own life but your family’s and neighbor’s. (All of ours, actually; failure to end the pandemic allows further variants to emerge, potentially one that defeats the current vaccines.)

Vaccination’s alleged risks are simply lies promoted for various bad motives. Fox News creeps like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are especially culpable. But even if most of the claimed vaccination risks were real, your risk of illness and death from Covid is still vastly greater. The anti-vaxxers can’t do math.

Not only are unvaccinated people now the ones really in danger from Covid, but the risk rises steeply with age too — and Republicans, on average, tend to be older. Furthermore, especially if you’re not vaccinated, mask wearing offers much protection. And who refuses masking? Republicans again.

So Republicanism is becoming a major health risk. Will insurers start asking for party affiliation — and charging Republicans more?

Dr. Michelle Fiscus, a top official of Tennessee’s Health Department, has been fired for promoting vaccination for young people. In today’s political climate, that’s a firing offense. Similar stories proliferate in other states.

At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, America’s failure to meet vaccination targets was greeted with raucous applause. These people — who call themselves “pro-life” — were cheering the march of death. “Macabre,” said columnist Michael Gerson, wondering how we got “to such a strange, desperate place.”

Remember Trump actually claiming huge credit for the “warp speed” vaccine development? That was then; now he’s silent. If Trump runs in 2024, you might think he’d want his fans vaccinated so they can live to vote for him. He could put out a video urging that. Why doesn’t he? Because he himself is trapped in the deranged alternate universe that is Trumpism.

Vaccination refusal is the apotheosis of the Republican flight from reason, decency, reality, and sanity. They’ve made war on truth; on voting rights; on immigrants; on the press; and much else. Now their war on vaccination is actually a war upon themselves.

Maybe cosmic justice.

3 Responses to “Covid-19: Now the Republican Disease”

  1. Don Bronkema Says:

    Behold the end state of misology, aka ‘hatred of reason’. Are the manifold crises of our time proof that intelligent species are necessarily suicidal? Some of Fermi’s 1942 U-Chicago luncheon compadres thot so [thus the Aliens are silent]. By 2030 we should know whether EU decarb goals can be reached in time for seamless planetization before ecollapse, tho still saddled w/risk of 13 remaining identified cosmic & terrestrial calamities [CME, asteroid, release of magma traps, rogue black hole, nearby hypernova, devolution to machinoids, plunge of universe to negative-energic state etc]. This nonagenarian will likely slide to cremo in ignorance of the outcome, unable to comfit wife or college-bound dottir, but he wagers Man will set at least one foot on the Stairway to the Stars.

  2. Lee Says:

    I didn’t use to get the flu shot every year, thinking that the worst that could happen is that I’d get the flu, which at my age isn’t that big a deal. Thanks to the COVID-19 information campaigns, I now see that one of the strongest reasons to get any of these vaccines is herd immunity. That protects family, neighbors, and people throughout the world who could die from these diseases.

    Whether it is COVID-19, the flu, or some other disease, if don’t have a valid health reason not to, please get the vaccine. It’s the neighborly thing to do..

  3. Don Bronkema Says:

    Bravo–not to do so is sadism!

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