My Greatest Celebrity Sighting Ever!

I’m in an elevator in New York with several others. One a tallish woman, in dark glasses, and some kind of concealing headgear. Yet I detect something vaguely familiar. Careful scrutiny produces recognition. I catch her eye and give her a look that says, “You’re Jackie O.”

And, with a trace of a smile, she gives me back a look that silently says, “Yes. Let it be our secret.”

Then the elevator opens and she’s gone. I say to myself, “Wow! But wait — didn’t Jackie O die ages ago? . . . Maybe I’m mis-remembering that.”

Then I think, I should write this up for my blog! Title it “My Greatest Celebrity Sighting Ever!”

Then I wake up from the dream and laugh.

(Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died 28 years before.)

3 Responses to “My Greatest Celebrity Sighting Ever!”

  1. Don Bronkema Says:

    of cigarettes, like 3/4 of hollywood [power, bergman, crawford, wayne et alia numerosa]

  2. David Lettau Says:

    While I have never met a sports or a Hollywood celebrity, I have had the honor of meeting royalty— King Alanus the first of Bearmania. I do dutiful obeisance at his table at the Whitman show in Baltimore several times a year. Glory to Bearmania! I hope to see him and other members of numismatic nobility over the next couple of days

  3. My Greatest Celebrity Sighting Ever! – JEZZGOLD Says:

    […] My Greatest Celebrity Sighting Ever! […]

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