Replacement Theory — Let’s Do It

The “Great Replacement Theory” is yet one more thing making Republicans the Party of Crazy. A recent poll showed a third of Americans are drinking this Kool-Aid.

Believing there’s some kind of plot (yes, it’s a conspiracy theory) by Democrats to achieve their Satanic aims by replacing white voters with obedient non-white outsiders imported for just that purpose. Jews are (surprise) a part of it. Remember the torchlit chant, “Jews will not replace us” at Charlottesville?

As if Democrats could possibly control the immigration process as imagined, or new citizens’ voting choices. Let alone somehow substitute them for white voters. It’s idiotic.

Fox’s *ucker Carlson is a big promoter of Replacement Theory. Many prominent Republicans too, notably the vile Congresswoman Stefanik, who has tweeted such garbage. Yet America seems likely to hand these creeps control of Congress.

They arguably bear some responsibility for the Buffalo shootings, Replacement Theory being a key motivator for the gunman. White supremacy the core of his belief system. Holding whites biologically superior, as against other, lesser, degraded ethnicities, whose ascendance threatens civilization itself. The threat acute because they’re actively working to “replace” whites.

And Republicans increasingly legitimate violence for political ends, January 6 only the most prominent illustration. A recent analysis identified about 450 U.S. killings by political extremists in the last decade. Those by right-wingers around 20 times more than by leftists. And about half by white supremacists.

In school I thought I’d learned that Southern whites had lost the Civil War. I was ignorant of their subsequent Jim Crow terrorism to enforce white supremacy nevertheless. Then in the ’60s that too would be defeated. Or so we thought. Like some evil beast refusing to be killed, white supremacy has again recrudesced. Let us finally purge this sickness for good, fulfilling the promise of America’s universal ideals.

What the Buffalo shooter actually proved is that he himself, and his kind, are the degraded inferior creatures. Swallowing stupid nonsense is surely a sign of inferiority. Only pathetic fools would take Carlson seriously.

Or believe the world’s biggest liar’s biggest lie that he “won” the 2020 election. Or that Democrats, who want to curb America’s out-of-control gun violence, are “soft on crime” — not Republicans who spout “law and order” but oppose all gun control and excuse the January 6 lawlessness. And so forth. (I won’t go into supernatural delusions.)

Compared to these whacko white Americans, it’s Blacks who are the superior race. They certainly mostly show it, living in noble equanimity with whites despite the centuries of shit they’ve endured at their hands. I keep quoting activist Kimberley Jones that we’re lucky Blacks seek only equality, not revenge.

And immigrants? Trump said, “they don’t send us their best.” What an ass. As if other countries send immigrants. People who come are those with the pluck and drive to face all the challenges of uprooting themselves, seeking better lives. Obviously also superior people who improve the quality of our population.

So, as for replacement, let’s do it. Dump Americans fouled up by white supremacy and replacement theory and worshipping the rottenest of characters. Replace them with nonwhites and immigrants and this will be a better country.


One Response to “Replacement Theory — Let’s Do It”

  1. Axel Kornfuehrer Says:

    I wonder how many of the people pushing the replacement theory even think about the fact that there being in the United States is the result of their ancestors replacing native Americans? Oh, I forgot,– for those Whites, it is OK for Whites to replace others, but not visa versa, something about a “racial superiority theory”. AxK.

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