End Road Work? No!

We’ve all seen those signs along highways, saying “End Road Work.” This movement seems very misguided. I can think of many things that should be ended, but road work surely isn’t one of them. In fact, most people would consider it a very good thing if not, indeed, vitally necessary. Having myself sustained a flat tire recently due to a pot hole, count me as strongly in support of road work. What can these people be thinking, wanting to end it?

Sure, it can be an annoyance, slowing up traffic. But traffic would ultimately become a lot slower if the campaign against road work succeeds! One of the many things about modernity we blithely take for granted is good serviceable roads. But there’s no free lunch, everything has a cost.

Maybe road work opponents have been confuzzled by all the rhetoric trying to soft-soap socialism, by claiming that anything government does is socialism. So they think road work is socialism. Well, I’d be happy to see it done by the private sector. But failing that, I still want roads repaired, even if it is socialism. There are a lot worse ways for government to use taxpayer money.

Fortunately, years of “End Road Work” signs seem to have had little or no impact on curtailing the practice. These foolish cranks should give up and find a different issue to protest about.

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3 Responses to “End Road Work? No!”

  1. Wolfgang Says:

    AAAACH! Frank, I can’t believe you are also guilty of using one of my main examples of the degradation of the English language!
    How in the world do you “slow up” anything? Does that mean you also feel “speeding down” is just as accurate a description?
    Whatever was wrong with “slowing down” and “speeding up”?

  2. Wolfgang Says:

    One more thing. I hope you are being a bit tongue in cheek about the road signs. These are normally used on highways, indicating the endpoint of the area of road work you were just driving through.
    I was told by a worker on a posted Albany street (which I turned onto having taken the sign literally) that they did not have enough “men working signs” so they simply used the “End Road Work” signs, figuring that people would get the idea. I told him that he might be wrong. He just shrugged in response. Another case of “ass-u-me”.

  3. DAN FAREK Says:

    Back when I was a child in East Texas rural area, you would hear the expression “Raise the window down”.

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