imagesYou expect some pithy comments on Trump statements. I won’t so dignify them.

That a billionaire TV personality with hair issues would get a lot of attention as a “presidential candidate” (in quotes because his chances are zero) is not in itself remarkable. UnknownAnd his statements are not due to stupidity. Too many people call others they disagree with “stupid” (like George W. Bush). Nobody gets high office or great wealth being stupid.

So, why does Trump behave as he does? He must calculate that, on some level, it works for him. That’s what’s disturbing.

Polls showing Trump with 24% atop a very divided Republican field are meaningless; most respondents at this stage are just shooting in the dark. But still. That many would name Trump bespeaks a lack of civic seriousness. Trump’s campaign is just one big middle finger, attracting middle finger type people.

The media bears some responsibility for debasing a presidential election. But one can hardly blame them; the public loves a freak show. Jon Stewart is certainly having a ball. Yet what a shame that it detracts attention from worthy candidates like John Kasich who have important things to say. America faces big issues and shouldn’t waste time with Trump talk.

images-1Kasich won’t likely even get into the TV debates, which will be limited to ten top-polling candidates – a meaningless criterion when most are in single digits. Trump, though, will make the cut, to ensure a circus atmosphere. But in any case a so-called “debate” with ten contestants will be a poor vehicle for informing the public.

It probably won’t ultimately matter. With most other candidates knocking themselves out to out-extreme each other, Jeb Bush will be the nominee.

images-2Maybe I just need to lighten up and stop being a grumpy old man.

9 Responses to “Trumped”

  1. Pedro Dunn Says:

    Marco Rubio still has an outside chance to play the Republican JFK.

  2. Rashad Says:

    The thing that grabs my attention the most about Trump is how he struggles to understand why other people criticize him.

    He’s consistently surprised, not ready, and puzzled whenever someone criticizes him or asks him a question. His method for dealing with that so far has been to just pull out the first thing that occurs in his head and say it, so that no hesitation should ever be displayed (to others or to himself alike). That means that usually he comes back with something even more ridiculous and offensive.

    For some reason many people like that in him. *shrugs*

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  3. Lee Says:

    Trump will indeed become immaterial at some point — at least I hope so! — but he is symptomatic of a deeper problem. People look for candidates who are “presidential” by which they mean charismatic leaders. This tends to favor the tall, the handsome, those with training in acting, the white heterosexual males (though this is getting better!), those who are good with eye contact, those who use tact and tactlessness for effect, etc.

    Being right on most issues doesn’t much help the geek, or the boring fellow, or the honest fellow, or the fellow whose speeches emphasize the technical, or cetera. For me, issues (substance) are much more important than charisma (presentation), so I find this to be unfortunate.

  4. rationaloptimist Says:

    People vote for presidential candidates they feel they’ll be comfortable with as national leader (and civic father/mother) for four years. You cannot eliminate the human factor. We are not machines.
    NOBODY actually WANTS Trump to be president. Something different is going on.

  5. Lee Says:

    In a president, this human being wants technical substance not a parent or friend. For the latter I have, um, parents and friends.

  6. rationaloptimist Says:

    Lee, you are NOT a typical voter.

  7. Axel Kornfuehrer Says:

    Trump is a demagogue. And in every country, there are those who like demagogues because “he says just what I feel”. I wish, back in the days when I taught 20th century history, I had had an example like Trump to answer a question my students always asked –“How could anyone ever have voted for Hitler?” Note please that I am not saying Trump is a Hitler. First and foremost, those who voted for Hitler in 1932-1933 had no idea what he eventually would do; they were impressed that he said what they felt at that time. My point is — demagogues always attract a certain subset of voters. Period.

  8. rationaloptimist Says:

    Yes, and I am sure you know what you’re talking about when it comes to fuehrers.

  9. Wolfgang Kurth Says:

    Personally, I think he is on the payroll of the DNC – just to completely rob the Republicans of any credibility.
    Just kidding, but wouldn’t it be funny…..

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