Will Hillary play the double women’s card?

UnknownThe leftosphere is all aflutter imagining its darling, Elizabeth Warren, may be Hillary’s VP. After all, they say, nobody ever objected to two men on a ticket.

As if Hillary needs to shore up the feminist vote. If she’s not already getting it, against Donald Trump, it’s game over anyway. But while America is ready for a woman president, a female duo would be too in-your-face, too gendery. We’d elect a Thelma, but not a Thelma and Louise.images

We also hear the usual ticket balancing/pandering scenarios. An Hispanic, like one of those cute Castro brothers (no, not Fidel and Raul). Or an African-American like Deval Patrick or Cory Booker. But again, if Hillary hasn’t already got those demographics locked up, it’s hopeless anyhow.

Conventional wisdom meanwhile says she needs to play to the party’s base, all those lefties gaga for Bernie. Hence the Warren flutter. But this is one election where conventional wisdom has proven unwise. It won’t hinge on which party energizes its base more. Allegiances are scrambled. And for every Bernie-ite Hillary gets by pandering leftward,* she stands to lose a sane Republican repulsed by Trump, who might have voted for a palatable alternative.

images-1If Hillary loses, it will be for one reason only: trustworthiness. Yes, it’s brazen chutzpah for mega-crook Trump to be all “crooked Hillary,” but it has enough truth to make the issue a wash, at least in many voters’ minds. If they saw her as just halfway reasonably honest, she’d be crushing him.

At the end of the day in 2008 America elected a black man over a war hero because Obama was viewed as more capable, the safer choice. That is Hillary’s trump card against Trump, the one she should play for all it’s worth. She should play it in her veep pick. No politics-as-usual ticket-balancing ethnic pander. Instead a serious man (yes, man) of gravitas, who voters can see as president, to heighten the contrast against the GOP clown car.

Unknown-1And if she wants to attract bummed-out Republicans, why not go outside the box and take a Republican, like Robert Gates? Let the lefties shriek. It would be a game-changer, altering the view of Hillary as a congenitally divisive politician.

Alas, Hillary has never shown much thinking outside the box. Nor ever heeded my wise counsel.

* Most of whom are in states like NY, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, which Hillary shouldn’t have to worry about.

6 Responses to “Will Hillary play the double women’s card?”

  1. bruce Says:

    Frank, I’ll forgive you your gene decided outlooks on the world, all but this one, ” at the end of the day” . I guess a prolific writer can be allowed to pee in the pool since he spends so much time in it.

  2. frankzollo Says:

    Politically speaking, your analysis is dead on. Those taking seriously the idea of Warren as VP are deluding themselves. Winning is everything, so I’d be shocked at anyone other than a white male. The very fact that Gates is being discussed as a possibility reveals how center-right she really is.

  3. rationaloptimist Says:

    No, Gates is not being discussed as a possibility. It’s totally my own out-of-the-box idea.

  4. bruce Says:

    I see what you did there. kudos

  5. Lee Says:

    I am not sure that a choice of VP makes much difference at all. Maybe McCain lost credibility with Palin, but did Biden, Ryan, Cheney, Edwards, Lieberman, Gore, Kemp, Quayle, Bentsen, Ferraro, Bush (as VP), Mondale, Dole (as VP), etc. make much difference to the fate of the ticket?

    Perhaps the current candidates could make VP selections based upon ability to lead rather than worrying about the votes.

    Well, I still think Johnson would do better to choose one of the popular moderate Republicans such as Rubio. I think that would make a difference to the ticket, despite Weld’s qualifications, because Johnson is not on the radar for many people.

  6. rationaloptimist Says:

    VP candidates have far more potential to detract than to add votes.
    Johnson’s running mate has been nominated, Weld.
    Rubio is backing the guy he called a “con man.”

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